Steps to Take after a Road Accident

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Immediately following a road accident, injuries may be severe, and there is better than average chance that emotions will be high. There are several things that must be done at the scene of the accident and shortly thereafter. Whilst we are proud supports of Brake road safety charity and driving with consideration and adhering to rules of the road will reduce traffic accidents.  A good driving history will mean more favourable rates for monthly private hire insurance drivers and taxi drivers alike.

Stay at the Scene

Remain at the scene and do not leave until it is appropriate to do so. Should you leave, especially if an individual has sustained injuries or unfortunately was killed, leaving the scene could very possibly mean very serious criminal penalties for you.

Be sure to check on all drivers and passengers

First instinct may be to assess property damage, but more important is making sure that everyone involved in the accident is ok. Immediately get medical attention for anyone who requires it. If someone is unconscious, or they have pain in their neck or back, never move them. Let qualified medical help do this. The only exception would be when a hazard exists that requires them being moved.

Call the Police

In the case of property damage, physical injury, or death, it’s imperative that you call the police. When they do arrive at the scene, ask that a police report be made, and obtain the names and badge numbers of each responding officer.

Exchange all pertinent information

Be sure to get not only the names of all drivers involved, but also their address, driving licence number, plate number, and insurance policy information. If there are passengers, obtain their info also. As you speak with any of these people, remember to be cordial. Never apologise for anything at the scene, regardless if the accident was your fault or not. If you should say something like … “ I am so sorry that I ran that red light”, you may be admitting legal liability for what has just happened. After an accident occurs, it might not immediately be possible to say who was at fault. There are situations where fault is not determined as to which insurer will pay for any loss. Never admit guilt.

Whenever possible, speak with witnesses

Ask each witness what they saw. If possible, get their names, numbers, and addresses. Take the time to ask locals if there has been previous accidents in the same location.

Take Pictures

Photographs should be taken of any damage to your vehicle as quickly as possible after the accident. These photos can help the insurance adjuster when it comes to determining how much compensation you are entitled to for the damages to your vehicle, and they could help in court should it go that far.

Notify your Insurance Company

Promptly get in touch with your provider and tell them you have been involved in an accident, and the extent of any injuries you may have incurred. All car drivers must have a minimum of third party insurance, if the incident involves a taxi or courier check they should have what is termed as hire and reward insurance. Make sure to tell them the truth and explain the facts clearly. Should you lie to them about anything, and they later find out that you did, there could be serious trouble for you, including the possible denial of coverage for the accident.

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