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The taxi breakdown cover is available to help both the private hire and public taxi operators, so help is just a phone call or text away when a problem on the road or at home is encountered.  This type of cover can include help with a breakdown on the road or at home, the towing of the vehicle to a garage and also help with taking your passengers to their destination.

taxi breakdown cover

Taxi breakdown cover is there to protect taxi drivers and private hire drivers that both provide a hire and reward service. This includes if there is a mechanical problem with the vehicle while transporting passengers to their destination so that they can get to their destination and the driver gets paid. This cover also takes care of the disabled vehicle with repairs or towing it to where it can be repaired so that the driver can go back to work. The vehicle can be disabled from a mechanical problem or a road accident. A recovery truck service is available to tow the vehicle to the nearest garage if it can not be fixed at the roadside.

What types of vehicles qualify for taxi breakdown cover?

The types of vehicles that can benefit from this specific type of cover include any private hire vehicle used to transport people that are under 3.5 tonnes, black cabs and minicabs.

Who is covered with taxi breakdown cover?

Taxi breakdown cover is a vehicle specific type of policy where anyone who is operating the taxi can call for assistance and receive it.

Is taxi breakdown cover included in Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance is separate to taxi breakdown cover, but most providers of taxi insurance, example the Freeway taxi insurance product, will let you add breakdown cover as an optional extra. Before deciding if you should take cover from your taxi insurance provider it is advisable to look at providers of breakdown cover as often going direct to the breakdown company can be the cheaper option.

What is a taxi breakdown cover?

This is specific vehicle insurance that comes to the aid of the self-employed taxi operator with assistance when a problem occurs with their vehicle.  It is the same type of protection will be issued to the owner of a fleet of taxi vehicles. This type of cover is available for UK residents and is valid only in the UK, except for European cover, which is only valid in Europe. Below are some points to consider in finding which taxi breakdown package is best for you. 

  • Roadside assistance : This is 24/7 assistance via means of a repair vehicle being sent to the location of the disabled taxi. The mechanic will work on the stricken taxi for up to an hour. If roadside repairs are not possible, then the vehicle will be towed to a garage or other destination. This assistance is available for all breakdowns that are at least one-quarter mile away from the registered address, as stated in the policy.
  • Home start : This is the same as roadside, but is only valid at the registered address of the policyholder.
  • Relay or onward : This is assistance in getting the passengers who were in the taxi to their destination. If only the driver is present, then he can be taken to their desired destination. This relay vehicle will only go to one destination. 
  • Accident assistance : This part of the cover will take care of towing the disabled vehicle to a repair garage so that  it can be repaired.
  • European cover :  This cover is valid in continental Europe and its outlying islands. The types of cover include roadside assistance, relay and accident assistance as listed above. If the taxi can’t be repaired in the garage in Europe, then it will be towed back to the UK.

What are the different levels of taxi breakdown cover?

The standard taxi breakdown cover is only valid in the UK and includes roadside assistance and towing of the vehicle to the nearest repair garage that is within 10 miles of the breakdown. The cause of the disabled vehicle can be from a mechanical problem or a road accident.

National taxi breakdown cover includes the same as the standard cover, but the vehicle can be towed to the destination of choice of the driver. The cause of the disabled vehicle can be from a mechanical problem or a road accident.

Relay or onward taxi breakdown cover includes the benefits of national cover and will also transport the passengers to their destination if possible. If that is not possible, overnight accommodation will be provided for them. The cause of the disabled vehicle can be from a mechanical problem or a road accident.

European breakdown cover includes all the above, but is only valid for UK residents who are travelling in Europe in a UK registered vehicle.

The taxi breakdown cover is made to help the professional driver get their vehicle roadworthy if the unforeseen accident or breakdown occurs. 

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