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Guide To Uber Private Hire Insurance

By Eamonn Turley
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August 2023

If you are an Uber driver, you will know that standard car insurance does not cover you for providing a private hire service. In addition, UBER does not provide insurance, and it is your responsibility to get insurance to work for Uber as a private hire or Uber taxi driver.  Multiquotetime works in partnership with Quotezone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. Select the Get Quote button, complete one simple form to start comparing the market for Uber taxi insurance.

uber drver insurance uk

What is private hire insurance for Uber Drivers?

We should all be familiar with Uber by now. They created an app that enabled the public to book a ride. It has caused a lot of disruption to traditional taxi firms. Uber driver partners need to take out PHV insurance. This is a requirement of the law in the UK. PHV stands for private hire vehicle. 

Due to the popularity of the ride-sharing company, some refer to this type of cover as Uber insurance, but it is just private hire taxi insurance. This level of this professional cover protects not only the vehicles involved in an accident, but also the paying passengers in the vehicle.

Who provides Uber Insurance in the UK?

Uber informs prospective drivers that they are free to choose their insurance provider, but they do highlight a list of brokers that offer flexible insurance options that include, weekly, monthly and hourly insurance. In addition, they go on to say, if you do use one of these private hire taxi insurance providers you can easily upload the required insurance documentation to our online Uber account.

List Of Uber Approved Insurance Providers

ProviderDocuments Available for Upload to Uber Account UploadedGet Multiple Quotes and Compare
Haven InsuranceYesCompare Now with Quotezone
ZEGOYesCompare Now with Quotezone
Nelson InsuranceYesCompare Now with Quotezone
Inshur InsuranceYesCompare Now with Quotezone
Antilo InsuranceYes, InstantCompare Now with Quotezone
DCLYesCompare Now with Quotezone
HeadwayYeCompare Now with Quotezone

What is the difference between a private hire Uber taxi and a regular taxi?

It is true, both take passengers to their desired destinations for reward, but it is how the customers choose the taxi is where the difference lies. A taxi can be hailed by a customer on the street or curb. The private hire drivers have to be contacted in advance by a customer via a dispatcher or app for them to be picked up.

How many seats for passengers can the vehicle have?

The standard Uber insurance policy is designed for a vehicle that has 4 seats for passengers and 1 for the driver. For Uber drivers that operate minivans or another type of vehicle that has more than 4 open seats for passengers to occupy, special policies for that type of vehicle need to be taken out so the vehicle and passengers will be covered.


Minimum Number of Passengers









What is in the Uber Taxi Insurance Policy?

There are two types of cover the Uber driver will need to be legally operating on the roads in the UK. These types include road risk and public liability cover.

Road risk cover is the same type of financial protection all vehicles are required to have to be legal on the road in the UK. The three levels of cover include the following;

  • Third party
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Public Liability Insurance For Uber Drivers

Public liability cover for Uber or taxi drivers is considered essential and can be easily added as an extra to the legally required taxi or private hire vehicle insurance element. This cover provides financial protection for the Uber driver if a claim is made against them while they are working as an Uber driver. These claims are outside those related to a traffic accident hat are covered under the road insurance. 

Instead, public liability cover is protection from third party claims as you conduct your daily business. It may be as simple as a passenger claiming damage to luggage or for injury if they tripped getting out of the private Uber hire vehicle and deemed it to be your fault. These are just examples, but you should get the idea as you know the public and also how others will attempt to take advantage by making false claims, As such the cover will also provide legal costs to defend any such claim. This protection includes legal expenses involved in fighting the claim along with any settlement agreed too.

Are there any optional covers that can be added to a Uber Insurance policy?

The most common option for an Uber driver to have on their Uber insurance policy is breakdown cover. This type of protection has  different levels of services that can be offered. The following include what types of services are available.

  • Roadside assistance if the taxi breaks down while on a road in the UK.
  • A for hire vehicle is dispatched to the location of the breakdown or accident so that the passengers can be taken to their destination with as little delay as possible.
  • Cover in Europe if the destination is located there.
  • The taxi will be recovered and taken to a garage where repairs will be made.
  • Repair assistance can include the home address of the policyholder.
  • The number of callouts can be unlimited. What has to be noted is that each callout has to be unique, no second call out for the same breakdown cause

Uber taxi insurance has the same components as a standard vehicle has, with the addition of public liability. When taking out the policy, it must be disclosed that the vehicle is to be used by an Uber driver for the cover to be valid.

Compare Uber Taxi insurance

Comparing the costs of Uber insurance from a range of brokers that specialise in Uber taxi insurance will get you off to the right start on comparing the available deals on the market. We can help by providing multiple Uber insurance UK quotes. Simply select "Start your quote" to begin the process. Private hire insurance is available for operators in all the major UK cities and elsewhere in the UK and Northern Ireland. These include Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, London and Belfast. In partnership with Quotezone taxi insurance quotes will be made available from a panel of specialist UK brokers. Policies can be easily tailored to meet your individual private hire requirements.

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