Uber Air Taxi soon to begin service

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The new Uber Air Taxi Service is set to begin operations in selected American cities as soon as 2023. This flying like the crow flies directly to your destination was once just a dream, but with the use of the Hyundai’s new Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Vehicle (eVTOL) is becoming a reality as it was envisioned back in 2016.

Already in service is the Uber Copter that services passengers to JFK International Airport from Manhattan. The new Uber Air Taxi service using the electric Hyundai CES 2020 aircraft will be referred to as Uber Elevate.  The deployment of the new air taxi by Uber is set in 2023 when Hyundai begins to deliver its flying car for aerial ride sharing purposes.  

Where is Uber Elevate going to be deployed?

The first cities to receive the Uber Elevate service are slated to be Dallas and Los Angeles in the United States, along with Melbourne in Australia.  Plans for further expansion in the United States and Australia will occur as well as in Europe are being planned.

How many passengers can this new air taxi hold?

The new Uber air taxi will have a seating capacity of 4 passengers along with a pilot. The pilotless aircraft is in the planning, but will not be deployed in the first phase of this project.  The piloted aircraft can travel up to 180 mph once airborne at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 feet.

How far can the air taxi by Uber travel?

While the range of the current model Hyundai CES 2020 is only 60 miles, it can fully recharge its batteries in 7 minutes.

Will the new Uber air taxi service pick me up at my home?

No, the new Uber service will be flying out of a centrally located hub. To get to the hub, an eco-friendly Purpose-Built Vehicle (PBV) will be used to transport riders to the hub. These can be boarded at designated stations and locations in the cities that are being serviced.

What is the advantage of taking the Uber Elevate?

Simply put convenience and time saved. By having the ability to fly above the traffic jams and fly as the crow flies instead of following ground based roads, passengers can reach their destinations is far less time than on the ground. This service avoids the stop and go traffic on the freeways during rush hour every day.

The days envisioned on the Jetsons so many years ago of having a personal eVTOL is still years into the future. What is about to become a reality is that the same type of service, but with starting and ending points are centralized hubs. This allows for fast transportation across major cities by flying over the traffic jams instead of being in them.

The world of transportation is advancing. Are you ready for it?

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