Uber direct delivers medicine during the pandemic

The new Uber Direct service now provides a means for people to order and get their medicines and other supplies while staying home during the current pandemic lockdown. This new service is being provided by the same drivers that once took people to their destinations who are now sitting idle due to the current protective measures where people are now isolating themselves in their homes. If you are considering providing this new service, make sure if you have insurance for Uber drivers first. If required, we can provide you with comparative quotes for Uber insurance in the UK.

How does Uber Direct operate?

The new Uber Direct operates just like Uber Eats. A person makes an order and the Uber driver goes to the retail store or pharmacy and picks up the items and delivers them to the person who placed the order.

This delivery of items can be anything the person needs that can be transported by the driver such as toilet paper, vitamins, office supplies and PPE to name a few. The service makes it possible for the local retailers to stay in business without people having to go inside their stores.

How is the transaction made?

The new service provides items in need in the safest possible manner by making it totally contactless. The items are ordered and paid for through the Uber App. They are then gathered by an employee of the retail outlet and made ready for the Uber driver to pick up. Upon arriving at the destination the package is set on the doorstep and the driver goes back to their vehicle. 

Can deliveries be made to family and friends?

Yes, Uber can make deliveries to family and friends. This is another new service called Uber Connect. This service has an Uber driver pickup a package at one home and delivers it to another home. Both the pickup and delivery are made contactless by the package being left on the doorsteps.

Both the Uber Direct and Connect are now available through their app in 25 cities across America, Australia and Mexico. These new services help keep people safe in their homes with the supplies they need while providing revenue streams for drivers and retailers alike that is keeping the economy going.

For anyone looking into providing this service, you can use the quote option below.

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