What cars are the best for private hire drivers?

What cars are the best for private hire drivers? This is a question many of the taxi, chauffeurs and rideshare drivers have thought about since they entered the business of transporting people. In the beginning, each driver uses what they already own, but in time a decision has to be made whether to make the customers more comfortable or use a more economical vehicle. 

If you are considering providing a private hire service, it is important to give some serious thought to the best vehicle for providing your private hire or Uber service. If you just intend to use your personal car, be aware that you will need private hire insurance, which some refer to as PHV insurance.

Hybrid private hire car

Advantages of the ultra-low emission vehicles

There are many makes and models of ultra-low emission vehicles that can be used to transport people in the UK. This type of vehicle is recommended so the charge for entering and operating in the ultra-low emission zone is possible without having to pay the fee for polluting.

With low emissions vehicles, there is a side benefit of them also being very economical on fuel, with several of them being hybrid models so that they will not always be consuming fuel.

The low emission vehicles are also a new trend so they will be newer models which could lead to fewer breakdowns and costly repairs.

What are the rankings of the best cars used for private hire?

While everyone has their own opinion, these vehicles are repeatedly in the top spots by many.

The Toyota Prius plugin hybrid is a 5 seater 5 door hatchback that produces 29 to 35 g/km of emissions and can have a fuel economy of 135 mpg. While for many the interior is cramped, especially when 4 passengers are in tow, but the money saved on fuel and fees will make each trip more profitable.

The Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid plugin is another 5 seater 5-door hatchback. This vehicle produces 26 g/ km of emissions and can achieve a fuel mileage of 125 MPG. This vehicle is slightly wider than the Prius, but by only 2 ½ inches.

The Kia Niro Hybrid plugin is a 5 seater 5-door SUV. This vehicle produces 29 g/km of emissions with a fuel economy of 105 mpg. This vehicle has more headroom than both the Prius and the Ooniq and is less expensive to buy new.

For those who want something a little larger, there is the Volvo XC90 hybrid SUV. It can seat up to 7 people and has 5 doors. It produces 49 g/km of emissions and has a fuel economy rating of 113 MPG. Furthermore, it is over twice as long as a Prius and is 14” wider with more than a foot of additional headspace.

For those who prefer German engineering, there is the BMW 330e hybrid plugin. This car has 4 doors and can seat up to 4 passengers, not including the driver. It produces 37 g/km of emissions and has a fuel economy of 138 MPG. This is also the most expensive vehicle in this review, with a suggested retail price above £40,000.

The reason only hybrid vehicles are listed is due to the changing market, conditions and regulation in the UK where there is a shift away from the use of the internal combustion engines only vehicles. These vehicles will last until the regulations of 2035 set in, where the sales of vehicles with internal combustion engines are no longer permitted. The days of the big polluting vehicles are nearly gone, so chose wisely. Remember, if you are starting off as a private hire driver, you will need specific private hire insurance for Uber drivers to operate legally.  

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