Temporary Car Insurance NI

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Compare Temporary car insurance NI - Northern Ireland

A need for temporary car insurance always existed. Examples include sharing the driving with a friend on a long trip, borrowing a larger car for a weekend trip, and the list goes on. In the past the only way to get this type of cover was for the insured to ask their insurance broker to add an additional driver, the downside was they could only be added on an annual basis. This made so-called temporary car insurance prohibitively expensive. 

Now a host of new tec driven insurance companies have sprouted up to fill the gap in the market, and now the custom is nearly spoilt for choice. Some names that have built a reputation in this niche space include Tempcover, Marmalade, Aviva, Day insure, Veygo, Jaunt and GoShorty. 

The problem for residents of Northern Ireland (similar to car insurance) most of these will not provide cover if you live in NI. This has also been and still is the case for drivers in NI looking plain old car insurance. The reason are many, some site the higher risk posed because of how more claims are made per capita, a fair proportion being false claims. 

The good news for NI residents is that Shorty are able and willing to provide short term car insurance NI and temporary van insurance far the whole of Norther Ireland (Not the South). They also provide provisional insurance and short term learner driver insurance. 

Can I get temporary car insurance on a car that's NOT already insured?

Yes, temporary car insurance is available for cars that are not already insured. However, for learner driver temporary, the car must have an underlying or an existing insurance policy.

Can I get temporary learner driver insurance on a car that's NOT already insured?

For the temporary learner driver insurance policy with GoShorty, the learner driver car must have an existing insurance policy in place

Advantages of Temporary Car Insurance NI with GoShorty

The first advantage and this true for all providers of short term car insurance is that the should the additional temporary driver have an accident, it will have zero impact in the vehicle's owner's own car insurance policy.   Whilst, the last thing you want to happen when driving a borrowed car is to have a bumper to bumper incident. If your policy is with GoShorty you will at least have the assurance that you have fully comprehensive cover that will pay out regardless of fault. 

Temporary Car Insurance will save your NCB

A short term NI policy is a standalone insurance policy, what this means is that any claim made will be handled by the provider of the short term policy. This means that neither the owner nor the temporary driver, should they also be a car owner, will be negatively effected in the event of an accident and claim.  


Is temporary Car insurance NI comprehensive?

This depends on the insurance provider or broker. MultiQuoteTime work with GoShorty in the temporary insurance NI sector, all Go Shorty temporary insurance polices they sell are fully comprehensive  

Is Temporary car insurance NI legal?

Temporary car insurance NI, can be used to drive an insure car as an additional driver, but the actual car must have insurance in place. 

Does temporary car insurance Show on mid?

If your friend holds the correct licence and is covered under your insurance policy, then they may drive. Typical policies may state any driver over 25, or you may have named the additional driver or drivers explicitly in the policy.

Why is temp car insurance so expensive?

In general, it will be more expensive to insure a minibus in comparison to a car. One of the key reason is the increased value of the vehicle and additional seating capacity, which equates to additional risk to the insurance provider.  

Can you get car insurance for a few hours?

Please read the full details of the licence required to drive a minibus legally in the UK

Can you temporarily insure a car without MOT?

Please read the full details of the licence required to drive a minibus legally in the UK

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