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Tempoary Taxi Insurance Monthly or Weekly 

Don't be tied down by rigid policies—choose coverage that adapts to your schedule. As a taxi operator, paying your taxi insurance cost monthly allows you to customize your coverage, especially during peak tourism seasons when the demand for taxi services surges. This flexibility ensures comprehensive protection and allows you to manage insurance costs efficiently during quieter months.

Monthly insurance stands out as a flexible and dynamic coverage model for taxi drivers, whether public or private hire vehicles. Unlike a conventional annual policy, this innovative approach allows you to secure insurance coverage monthly.

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Multi Quote Time works in partnership with QuoteZone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of taxi insurance brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with quotes on your motor fleet insurance

Are there any limitations on the types of taxis covered by monthly insurance? 

Monthly or temporary taxi insurance typically encompasses comprehensive cover for various categories of vehicles used for transportation services, which include:

  • Traditional Cabs: You can get monthly hire and reward insurance for your conventional taxi and private hire vehicle that operates on a hire and reward basis. These could include standard sedan-style cabs commonly seen in the city.
  • Rideshare Vehicles: With the rise of ridesharing services, securing monthly private hire drivers' vehicle insurance is essential. This extends coverage to vehicles used for platforms like Uber and Lyft. Explore Uber and private hire drivers' vehicle insurance options for comprehensive coverage.
  • Shuttle Vans: For taxi services that involve personal use of larger vehicles like shuttle vans or minivans, monthly insurance provides coverage for these types of transportation.
  • Fleet Coverage: Monthly taxi fleet insurance plans offer options for both taxi drivers and fleet owners, providing a comprehensive and flexible solution to cover private and public liability for multiple vehicles under a single insurance policy.

Is it possible to obtain monthly insurance for my public hire taxi?

Suppose you operate the London Hackney cab for hailing or picking passengers up at a taxi base, there is public hire insurance coverage for you, your passengers, and your taxi. Insurance providers often offer monthly policies for fully comprehensive and third-party-only coverage.

What documentation is typically required when applying for my taxi insurance cover?

The documentation requirements for drivers can vary, but commonly requested documents include your full UK driving licence, vehicle registration details, and proof of your taxi driver business registration. Be prepared to provide these documents during the application to facilitate a smooth taxi insurance policy setup.

How does monthly insurance handle unexpected events, such as vehicle breakdowns or accidents?

Monthly insurance plans usually cover the costs for unexpected events like vehicle breakdowns or accidents. You must understand the specific terms and conditions covered, including coverage limits and deductible amounts, to ensure comprehensive protection.

Can I customise my coverage based on fluctuations in my taxi business activity?

Yes, one of the advantages of monthly insurance is its flexibility. You can often tailor your coverage to match the dynamic nature of your taxi business, adjusting it based on seasonal variations or changes in demand.

Can I switch from an annual taxi insurance plan to a monthly one mid-year?rage based on fluctuations in my taxi business activity?

Yes, many insurance providers offer customers the flexibility to switch their cover from an annual cover to a monthly one during your policy term. However, it's essential to check your specific insurer regarding their policy on midterm cover adjustments.

Key Names for UK Taxi Insurance 

Many insurance providers offer taxi insurance, some like Freeway taxi insurance specialises in only providing taxi and private hire insurance, we have complied a list below of the top names in this insurance sector.

ProviderWorthy of Note Get Free Multiple Quotes
Towergate Taxi InsuranceComfort insurance includes personal effects and belongings and generators (up to £5,000)Compare Now
Haven Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
A 19 Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Motorcade Taxi Insurance
Compare Now
Zego Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Nelson Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Freeway Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Bells Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
markerstudy taxi insuranceCompare Now
DCL/Headway Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Acorn Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
InsureTAXI InsuranceCompare Now
Penk Taxi InsurancePublic liability cover for taxi drivers (included free on some policies)Compare Now
Riviera completely committed to providing a personalised service Compare Now
CabsuranceCabsurance claims app allows you to quickly and efficiently report any claimsCompare Now
Flag Taxi InsuranceFlag only offers Haven Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Collingwood Taxi InsuranceCompare Now

Compare Tempoary and Monthly Taxi Insurance

At MultiQuoteTime, we ensure you choose the best quote for your taxi insurance. Discover the best quotes tailored to your taxi, whether you operate a minicab, public, or private hire taxi. Your peace of mind is just a click away! Click on GET A QUOTE, fill out a simple form, and our specialist panel of taxi insurance brokers will provide you with convenient coverage for your fleet.

Taxi Insurance FAQ's

Does my taxi insurance cover me for driving other cars?

Taxi insurance provides cover only for the vehicles listed on the policy, not for other vehicles. For other vehicles, you will need to either get them included or take out a separate policy.

Can I pay my taxi insurance monthly?

Most brokers are flexible when it comes to arranging payment terms. However, choosing monthly payments may include extra interest charges.

Is public liability insurance included?

Most taxi policies will include public liability as standard, but exceptions do exist, so check your policy wording. It can always be added or taken out as a separate item.

Is Taxi breakdown cover available as a standalone policy?

Yes, this can be bought as a separate policy or bundled into your taxi insurance policy.

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