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Guide to Tesco Landlord Insurance

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The insurance side of Tesco started in 1997 with a partnership with the Royal Bank of Scotland. The partnership specialises in providing car and home insurance, alongside financial products. Tesco currently have a defaqto rating of 5 stars. Tesco is better known by most as one of the UK’s leading supermarket chains. Like its competitors, it moved into the banking and insurance markets with a range of products, Tesco Home insurance being one of the most popular products with its customer base. Tesco bank now offer a range of insurance services including Tesco bank car insurance and the popular insurance for budget conscious drivers know as Tesco black box insurance without curfews.

Compare TESCO Bank Landlord Insurance

Currently, Tesco does not offer Landlord insurance, but this type of cover can be provided by a host of other specialised landlord insurance brokers. 

Whilst Tesco does not offer landlord insurance, they can provide house contents and buildings insurance for homeowners that live in the residence 

Cover available for landlords will normally comprise the following elements. It is important to be aware that landlord insurance is not a legal requirement, but it will provide you with financial protection against your rental portfolio. The average cost of landlord insurance makes it affordable and if you have a secured loan, most providers will make it a loan requirement to have buildings insurance      

  • Buildings cover : This will cover the rebuild costs, and plays an important role in arriving at your premium. It is important that the rebuild cost is sufficient, but the higher the rebuild cost, the higher the cost of landlord insurance. 
  • Contents Cover : If the property is furnished, contents cover can provide protection for the furniture, appliances and fixtures.
  • Legal Liability : This will cover your legal costs should something become contested and needs legal intervention to resolve. 
  • Accidental Damage : This covers damage to your property or contents by accidental damage cause by you or your tenants
  • Loss of rent : This option provides you with lost rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable from damage. 
  • Landlord Liability : This cover is against claims from the tenant for injury or illness resulting from your failure to properly maintain the rental property.

Will regular home insurance cover me?

Regular home insurance is not designed or robust enough to provide cover when you let out a property. When you do not live in the property, small things can go unreported until that small problem leads to an expensive repair. Without landlord cover you will be liable for these costs and if the tenant claims for injury or illness you could then be held liable for a very large monetary amount. Whilst TESCO landlord insurance is not available, many other specialist providers exist, including ARO Landlord insurance and AVIVA Landlord insurance, among others.

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