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About Thatchline

As the name suggests, Thahatline specialises in providing insurance cover for thatched properties. They have been doing so for over 20 years. They pride themselves in providing that personal touch and will spend time with you to fully understand your specific insurance requirements.

Thatchline is part of the WF Risk Group, which is an independent, family owned and run business. They have access to a select panel of insurance brokers, and they will identify the insurance panel member that is best suited to best fulfilling your insurance requirements

Willis IRM buys Playle Russell (Special Risks) and Thatchline

Willis IRM is a Belfast broker bought the online brand Thatchline to expand its reach into the UK market. Thatchline, is based in Ashurst, Hampshire

About Thatchline Thatch Insurance

The website does not give any specific details about what is included in their thatched insurance policies, but they are a specialist in the thatched property insurance sector. As such, the polices that they do provide should be comprehensive and providing sufficient cover for the customer needs and circumstances. 


Playle Russell (Special Risks) Ltd.
The Boldre Suite, Ashurst Lodge, Ashurst, Southampton, SO40 7AA

Registered in England (No: 03779860)

Phone Contact Details
(01794) 830055

Types of Thatch Covered by Thatchline Insurance

Like Prestige thatch insurance, Thatchline provides cover for properties that are fully or partially thatched. They also cover the full range of thatching materials that include water reed, wheat reed, long straw and fibre 

Are thatched roofs expensive to insure?

Yes, properties with a thatch roof will be more expensive to insure than standard non-thatched houses, this is down to two key factors.

thatchline roof insurance
  • 1. Cost of Repairs : The materials are more expensive than traditional slates. This is compounded by the specialist skills required to work on a thatched roof , which do not come cheap.
  • 2. The Increased risk to the insurance provider : if the owner of a thatched property follows common-sense guidance with regular chimney and electrical inspections, the risk of the property catching fire is no greater than a standard home. However, should a fire take hold it can cause immense damage in a very short pewriod of time, which is not as true with an non-thatched property.

Thatched Roof FAQ's

What type of thatch is cheapest to insure ?

The cheapest type of thatch to insure is made with Norwich reed, which is the hardest wearing type of thatch. 

How long will my thatch last before it should be replaced?

Thatch on a roof can last anywhere from twenty to sixty years before needing at least partially replacing. This depends mostly on the quality of the materials used, as well as the quality of the thatchers that installed the roof. 

How can I reduce my thatch properties’ insurance premium?

There are measures you can take, such as agreeing not to use an existing wood fire, installing high-end smoke detectors, and updating your electric certificate. Other measures can be talked about and negotiated with your insurer. 

Is House Insurance More Expensive With A Thatched Roof?

Thatched home insurance shoppers will expect to pay more for a thatch roof home insurance policy, than their slate or tile roof counterparts. That is a simple fact that comes down to a few key factors that make thatch roof houses more likely to incur a loss or for that loss to cost a bit more. Some but not all factors at play are the flammable materials, expensive labour costs and the requirement of extensive maintenance. 

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