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Guide to Todd Taxi insurance 

Todd Insurance is one of the largest insurance brokers in Northern Ireland, offering property insurance, courier insurance, gap insurance, travel insurance, car insurance NI, motor trade insurance, motorcycle insurance, and taxi insurance. They work in cooperation with some other providers in the insurance industry to provide trustworthy taxi insurance to their customers.

With up to 90 years in operation, Todd Insurance has grown to be a body that caters to a variety of risks at an enhanced discount that suits you. With an average rating of 5 out of 5 on taxi locations, Todd's Taxi Insurance is a proven, adaptable provider that works to satisfy its clients.

What does the Todd Taxi Insurance Policy Cover?

Todd Taxi Insurance Policy covers the following options;

  • 1. Third-party only : Third-party only provides cover to a third party for injury and damage if you are involved in an accident. It is the minimum requirement for all vehicles in the United Kingdom.
  • 2. Third-party fire and theft : It provides cover to a third party for injury and damage if you are involved in an accident. The policy also covers fire and theft in the case of a probable encounter with a fire outbreak or your taxi being stolen.
  • 3. Comprehensive: Comprehensive is the highest cover option offered by Todd Insurance. It covers both the Third-Party Only option and the Third-Party Fire and Theft option. It also covers any accidental damage to your vehicle in the case of an accident.: 

Haven fleet insurance policies

Taxi insurance is one of Haven's leading products aimed at private hire and public hire taxi drivers.  In addition, they also offer taxi fleet insurance, commercial and credit hire insurance. Credit hire insurance is cover for vehicles hired out to customers on credit terms. Credit hire refers to drivers that hire out a vehicle whilst their own vehicle is being repaired. The cost of the hire vehicle will be claimed for under the insurance policy of the driver at fault.

What is the cost of a Todd Taxi Insurance Policy?

Different factors affect the cost of any car insurance policy, and with Todd Insurance, your location, driving experience, claims history, annual mileage, the type of taxi you drive, and its current market value will be considered.

This is to help the company give you a competitive and attractive rate and help you get a quote within your budget that will protect you from the calculated type of damage.

What are the different types of Taxi Insurance in NI?

There are different types of taxi insurance that you can obtain from Todd Insurance - public liability insurance, which is the most basic type required by law in Northern Ireland, damage insurance, breakdown cover, and passenger liability insurance, which is legally optional but highly recommended.

Who Underwrites Todd's Taxi insurance policies?

Todd Insurance is not the sole underwriter of the policies entailed in its offer. The insurance providers that collaborate with Todd underwrite the policies involved to provide you with a tailored range of options that meet your needs. These insurance providers have not been publicly disclosed by the management of Todd Insurance, but they are reputable.

How does the public review Haven car Insurance?

One common rule of reviews is that most people who leave them are upset. Happy customers rarely think about leaving a review. With that said, what was noticed is that TODD NI has mostly positive reviews.

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Todd Insurance Services Contact Numbers

Customer Services 08000448187
Email Haven at:
Physical address: Todd Insurance, 10 Prospect Court, Omagh, County Tyrone, BT78 1AR, GB, Northern Ireland.

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