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Guide to Touring Caravan Insurance

Last Updated March 2024 by Eamonn

Caravans are a sure way to have a great and homely time on the road. Whether you get a static caravan at the park, a park home, or you enjoy road trips with a touring caravan, one thing is clear: caravans provide comfort and are a great investment.

On another note, these caravans face the risk of damage, theft, and accidents similar to normal vehicles. To keep your investment, you need a valid touring caravan insurance to protect you from losses and damages.

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Coverage options for touring caravan insurance

Here are some common options that insurers offer in their touring caravan insurance coverage;

  • Extensive cover: Insurers cover your caravan in the event of a fire outbreak, flood, or accidental damage.
  • Awning storm damage: This covers your caravan and awning if there's damage caused by a storm.
  • New for old cover on touring caravans: You can leverage this cover to get a new touring caravan and equipment if your old caravan is stolen or suffers irreparable damage. 
  • 24-hour emergency help: With this cover, you can get a specialist team to come to your aid swiftly if you suffer distress relating to your caravan.
  • Legal expenses cover: Here, you can get up to £100,000 to pursue injury and recover uninsured losses.
  • £5,000,000 public liability cover: This cover pertains to providing legal protection for claims made against you 
  • European cover options: With this cover, you’re free to travel abroad with your touring caravans for up to 180 days. Interestingly, you can pay a token to extend the duration to 240 days.
  • Lock and key cover: This cover helps you get as much as £500 to replace locks, keys, and other security devices either misplaced by theft or damaged.

Do I need touring caravan insurance?

It’s important to protect yourself from the many risks that come with having a caravan. Besides intentional damages like theft, there’s also a possibility of suffering fire and storm damage.

Research by Brake showed 11 daily RV accidents in the UK. Now, if you use a touring caravan, it’s more important to get one, since the chances of damages and accidents are higher. Although it’s not legally required by law, it’s highly advisable to get insured. You should know that your car insurance policy is unlikely to cover many risks posed by caravans. At best, it only offers a basic level of third-party liability for your touring caravan.

Types of caravan insurance

The two major types are touring and static caravan insurance. To differentiate between them, know that touring caravans are usually towed and easily moveable, while static caravans usually stay at parks. Touring and static caravans have different benefits and risks and require different insurance coverages to cater to these risks

What affects the price of touring caravan insurance?

The cost of insuring a touring caravan depends on your specific needs, policies, and the insurer. Also, there are varying coverage options that determine the total quota. It can also be influenced by the caravan’s model, the newness of the vehicle, the value of your caravan, where it’s stored, available security measures taken, etc.

Tips for cheaper caravan insurance

You can start by keeping your caravan in a secure location. Insurers usually assess how safely you keep your caravan to determine your premium. This also includes the level of security devices that either came with your motorhome, or you installed yourself. Further, if you're an experienced caravanner, you may get discounts too. Finally, you can join a caravanning club to enjoy club discounts.

By having the correct level of touring caravan insurance, you can have the protection you need at a cost you can afford. By selecting the option you want, you will not have to pay for items you can’t or will not use, which will save you money on the annual premium. 

UK and NI Caravan Insurance Companies

With the growing demand for both static and touring caravan insurance, more and more insurance companies like Tesco are now offering this type of leisure insurance product. However, some names such as Caravan Guard Insurance are synonymous with camper insurance, as listed in table of suppliers below. 

ProviderWorthy of Note Get Free Multiple Quotes
Comfort Motorhome InsuranceComfort insurance includes personal effects and belongings and generators (up to £5,000)Compare Now
Saga Motorhome Insurance
lv motorhome insurance
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