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With a rich heritage of quality and innovation since the 1970s, Compass Caravans is a leading name in the UK touring caravan insurance, dedicated to crafting high-quality caravans and integrating innovative designs.

Top Compass Caravan Models

Some of the popular compass caravan models include:

  • Compass Casita 454: known for its compact and lightweight design, suitable for couples or solo travellers, with limited sleeping capacity and smaller kitchen and storage space.
  • Compass Capiro 554: The Capiro range combines contemporary design with practical features, making it a popular choice among modern caravan enthusiasts.
  • Compass Camino 660: It features a luxurious interior designed for adventurers who crave off-grid experiences.

  • Compass Rallye 530: The Rallye range is known for its stylish exterior design which is tailored for those seeking premium comfort.

  • Compass Corona: This model is Ideal for larger families or groups, with ample living space and sleeping accommodations.

How much does it cost to insure a Compass caravan?

For a Compass caravan, customers will have to pay an average of £200 for annual insurance coverage.

However, several factors that affect the cost of insuring a Compass caravan:

  • Compass Caravan Model: Compass Caravan’s premiums vary based on the specific model.
  • New for Old Cover: Caravan insurers offer "New for Old" cover, typically for caravans under 3-5 years old, which is more expensive but valuable for heavily invested owners.Caravan Club Membership: Most insurance providers offer discounts to Compass caravan owners who are members of recognized caravanning clubs.
  • Caravan Club Membership : Most insurance providers offer discounts to caravan owners that are members of a caravanning club
  • Modifications: Any modifications made to the Compass caravan after it leaves the factory should be communicated to the insurance company, as this can impact the insurance cost.
  • Age of Policyholder and Claims History: Younger caravan owners (under 25) are often considered higher risk. Building a good history of no claims can help in keeping insurance costs in check.
  • Projected Mileage: A Compass caravan used occasionally will pose less risk and, therefore, be cheaper to insure than a caravan used regularly.

Lowering the cost of Compass Caravan Insurance

Here are some strategies to help minimize the cost of insuring your Compass caravan or motorhome:

  • Adjust the Voluntary Excess: You can potentially reduce your premium by increasing your voluntary excess, but this means a higher cost upfront if you need to make a claim.

  • Enhance Caravan Security: Consult with your insurance provider about fortifying the security measures for your Compass caravan.

  • Obtain Multiple Quotes: Take advantage of the convenience of obtaining quotes from various insurance providers.

  • Accrue a No Claims History: Building a history of no claims demonstrates to insurers that you pose a lower risk, potentially resulting in cheaper insurance premiums over time.

  • Named Drivers: If feasible, opt for a named driver policy instead of any driver van insurance (for flexibility) option to reduce the cost involved.

Compass Caravan Insurance FAQ's

how much is Caravan insurance

On average, the cost of touring caravan insurance starts from around £200 per year for a caravan valued at £20,000.

Do I need Caravan insurance?

Caravan insurance is not required by law, but owning a caravan involves a substantial financial responsibility. It is wise to consider insurance coverage to protect against potential losses or damages.

Will My Caravan Be Covered If I Lend It to a Friend?

Your standard caravan insurance may not cover sharing your caravan for a fee or reward, as policies differ in allowing lending to loved ones without compensation.

Does my car insurance cover towing a caravan

Your car insurance policy may offer third-party-only cover for towing a caravan, leaving you responsible for any damages without separate caravan insurance.

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