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Fifth Wheel caravans are a type of caravan (trailer) known for their large size and spacious interior, that are connected to a pickup truck. Multiple manufacturers produce fifth-wheel caravans around the world to cater to diverse needs.

Top Fifth Wheel Caravan Models

Some top fifth wheel caravan manufacturers include:

  • Jayco Pinnacle: This model offers luxurious amenities and innovative features, making it the perfect option for travellers seeking a premium RV experience.
  • Heartland Landmark: The Landmark series offers elegance and durability that make it a favourite among full-time RVers.
  • Keystone Alpine: This model features various floor plans with kid-friendly features and ample sleeping spaces. It allows for high-end amenities like fireplaces that add to the overall comfort.
  • Forest River Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition: This model offers spacious layouts and modern conveniences for memorable RV adventures, with a blend of craftsmanship and functionality.
  • Grand Design Reflection: This model is known for its thoughtful spacious design and quality comfortable construction.

How much does it cost to insure a Fifth Wheel caravan?

The cost of insuring a fifth wheel caravan depends on several factors: However, with these considerations in mind, expect the fifth wheel caravan insurance premiums to typically range from  £300 to £700, at an annual cost.

Several factors can influence your caravan insurance premium.

  • Model: The expensive fifth wheel caravan models will incur a higher premium because they would cost more to replace when damaged or stolen.
  • New for Old Coverage: Insurance companies offer “new for old” coverage, which may result in higher premiums than the standard market price but is worth considering for the latest caravan models.
  • Club Memberships: Caravan owners who are members of a caravan club qualify for insurance discounts from most insurance companies.
  • Modifications: Informing insurers of any modifications and ensuring they are professionally carried out can impact insurance costs.
  • Projected Mileage: The number of miles travelled by a touring caravan can influence insurance costs. A higher mileage rate implies increased premiums.

Lowering the cost of Fifth Wheel Caravan Insurance

Consider these tips to lower your insurance premium:

  • Increase Voluntary Excess: By choosing a higher excess you lower your premium. However, keep in mind that owners will have to cover a higher portion of claim costs.
  • Improve Security: Secure lower insurance rates when you enhance your caravan's security with approved alarms, immobilisers, and tracking devices.
  • Get Multiple Quotes: Compare quotes from different providers, this can help you find the best rates.
  • Build No Claims History: Avoid having an accumulated history of claims, as this demonstrates lower risk to insurers, thereby resulting in cheaper premiums.
  • Named Drivers: If it's feasible, it is better to choose a named driver policy compared to any driver option. However, choosing any driver insurance offers more flexibility, and will result in a much higher premium.

Fifth Wheel Caravan Insurance FAQ's

how much is Caravan insurance

The average price of motorhome insurance is around GBP375 for a motorhome valued under £40,000. The actual price will be determined by a number of factors including the driver's driving history, actual cost of the motorhome and how the motorhome is stored when not in use.

Do I need Caravan insurance?

Whilst caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, a caravan is a large investment, and it is wise to consider taking out insurance to protect against loss or damage. Also take note that according to reporting by the AA around 4,000 caravans are stolen each and every year in the UK.

Will My Caravan Be Covered If I Lend It to a Friend?

A standard caravan insurance policy will not provide cover if you lend out your caravan in return for monetary gain or any other form of reward. Caravan terms will differ and some will be okay with lending to friends and family without reward, but others may not. So before handing over the keys, check the terms of your cover.

Does my car insurance cover towing a caravan

This will depend on your car insurance policy, but at most the cover provided will be third party only, which means without actual caravan insurance you would be liable for any damage in the event of an accident when towing.

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