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Hobby-Wohnwagenwerk is one of Europe’s most popular brands in caravaning based in Fockbek, near Rendsburg, northern Germany. With over 40 years in production, Hobby is renowned for its diverse range of models, from entry-level to stylish ones to the famous large rear door Beachy.

Top Hobby Caravan Models

Some of the popular Eriba caravan models include:

  • Hobby Excellent Edition: Also known as the stylish one. Among the flagship models, the Hobby Excellent edition stands out with its spaciousness and versatile floor plans. It’s a home on the road. Hobby Excellent edition like the 650 KMFe has 3-bed spaces for adults and 2 for children with a maximum payload capacity of 522kg. Other layouts include Excellent 650 UMFe,560 KMFe,545 KMF and 540 UL.
  • Hobby Prestige: Prestige, the sublime one, features 11 unique models, which include Prestige 560 FC, 560 UL, and 560 WFU. The Prestige 560 FC contain a washroom with a separate shower and a white high gloss. The 560FC can accommodate about four adults or children. Other amenities in Prestige include a Queen-size bed, heated coat rack, open-plan bathroom design with a separate shower cubicle and more.
  • Hobby Maxia: Maxia is the new premium class with a minimalist design. Maxia layouts include Maxia 495 UL,660 WQM and the latest 585 UL. The Maxia 585 UL for instance, has four bedspace for adults, 184kg payload, and other optional extras.
  • Hobby Beachy: It’s a lightweight caravan like the camper van. The caravan offers good build quality, innovative design features like the rear stable door, and a bright, airy interior. Some of Beachy layouts include Beachy 360, 420, and 450.

How much does it cost to insure a Hobby caravan?

Your insurance premium on a Hobby caravan depends on several factors. One of which is the type– whether static or touring. Despite their expensive purchasing cost, which is due to their size and amenities, the insurance premium for static caravan are always lower than touring caravan. Static caravan have lower insurance premiums as they have lesser risks of accident or theft compared to a touring caravan. However, in the UK, the average coverage cost for a touring Hobby caravan worth £20,000 ranges from £200 to £350 annually.[ref]

Other factors that can influence your caravan insurance premium include:

  • Usage Patterns: Insurance providers consider how often and for what purposes you use your caravan. If you frequently use it or engage in specialized activities, the risk profile increases, potentially resulting in a higher premium.
  • Policy Coverage Limits: Touring caravan like other car insurance policy is affected by the extent of coverage you choose. Comprehensive coverage, which includes protection for personal belongings inside the caravan, comes with higher premiums compared to basic coverage like third-party only.
  • Mileage: Insurers consider the number of miles you travel with your caravan. Limited mileage policies, which impose restrictions on annual travel distance, may result in lower premiums, as they reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Modifications and Upgrades: Any modifications or upgrades made to your caravan can affect the premium. Enhanced features increase the overall value of the caravan, leading to higher insurance costs.

Lowering the cost of Hobby Caravan Insurance

Here are several ways to lower the cost of your Hobby caravan insurance:

  • Maintain a Good Driving Record: If you tow your caravan with a vehicle, maintaining a clean driving record can positively impact your insurance premium. Safe driving reduces the likelihood of accidents, making you a lower-risk customer in the eyes of insurers.
  • Review and Update Coverage: Periodically review your insurance coverage to ensure it aligns with your current needs. If your circumstances have changed, adjusting your coverage can help you avoid overpaying for insurance features you no longer require.
  • Consider Limited Mileage Policies: If you use your Hymer Caravan infrequently or for specific purposes, inquire about limited mileage policies. Some insurers offer lower rates for policies with restricted annual mileage, as it reduces the likelihood of accidents.
  • Maintain a Secure Storage Location: Storing your caravan in a secure location, such as a dedicated storage facility or a locked garage, can result in lower insurance premiums. Reduced exposure to theft and weather-related damage can lead to cost savings

Hobby Caravan Insurance FAQ's

how much is Caravan insurance

The average price of motorhome insurance is around GBP375 for a motorhome valued under £40,000. The actual price will be determined by a number of factors including the driver's driving history, actual cost of the motorhome and how the motorhome is stored when not in use.

Do I need Caravan insurance?

Whilst caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, a caravan is a large investment, and it is wise to consider taking out insurance to protect against loss or damage. Also take note that according to reporting by the AA around 4,000 caravans are stolen each and every year in the UK.

Will My Caravan Be Covered If I Lend It to a Friend?

A standard caravan insurance policy will not provide cover if you lend out your caravan in return for monetary gain or any other form of reward. Caravan terms will differ and some will be okay with lending to friends and family without reward, but others may not. So before handing over the keys, check the terms of your cover.

Does my car insurance cover towing a caravan

This will depend on your car insurance policy, but at most the cover provided will be third party only, which means without actual caravan insurance you would be liable for any damage in the event of an accident when towing.

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