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TABBERT, founded in 1953, has a strong manufacturing tradition in Europe, delivering over 250,000 caravans. The company is known for its six core competencies—design, innovation, climate, longevity, safety, and origin. These core competencies guide every idea, technical development, and action in the company. The company is reported to have delivered over 250,000 caravans globally.

Top Tabbert Caravan Models

Some of the popular Tabbert caravan models include:

  • Da Vinci - DA VINCI is an innovative caravan with a modern design, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical features. Its exterior and flowing forms enhance the driving experience, while the interior layouts cater to various needs. DA VINCI is a caravan designed for the premium middle class, combining style and functionality.
  • Pantiga - The TABBERT PANTIGA is ideal for active camping holidays where location can change spontaneously. It is available in six layouts, such as the compact 390 WD for two people, or the family-friendly 550 K with a convertible bunk bed.
  • Puccini - The PUCCINI caravan offers innovative interior design, defining a premium class with unique lighting and a stylish exterior. Ideal for luxury-seeking freedom lovers, it features a round seating area, a corner shelf for essentials like wine glasses or mobile devices, an adjustable lifting table, and a slate-look floor.
  • Cellini - The CELLINI is designed for people who appreciate style and exclusivity. It has chrome handles and cream-coloured accents, LFI technology, a slide-out for a unique sense of space, a rear boot with central access to power and water, Smart Home Technology, Truma Aventa Comfort air conditioning, and integrated lighting. 
  • Senara - The SENARA model was introduced to the market on TABBERT's 70th anniversary. It has spacious layouts and loft beds, making it look like a mini home. In this model, shelves replace wall units, creating additional space, and there's also a creative lighting concept.

How much does it cost to insure a Tabbert caravan?

The cost of insuring a caravan is influenced by various factors, including the Tabbert caravan model, usage type (static or touring), and other considerations. Static caravans often incur lower premiums due to their lower accident risk compared to touring caravans that are frequently on the road. 

Below we discuss some other factors that may impact your caravan insurance premiums: 

  • Caravan Type Cost: If your caravan is expensive, the insurance will cost more because replacing it would be pricier.
  • New for Old Cover: Some insurance plans offer to replace your caravan with a new one if it's less than 3 years old. It's more expensive but good if you invested a lot.
  • Storage & Location: If you keep your caravan in a safe place when you're not using it, like a secure storage area, insurance will be cheaper compared to leaving it in a less safe spot, like your driveway.
  • Caravan Club Membership: Being part of a caravan club can get you discounts on insurance, saving you money.
  • Modifications: If you make changes to your caravan after buying it, tell your insurance company. This could include things like making it wheelchair-friendly. Make sure any changes are done by professionals.
  • Age and Claims History: If you're younger, insurance might cost more. But if you don't make claims, it helps keep the cost down over time.
  • Projected Mileage: The more you use your caravan on the road, the more insurance might cost. Using it less can make insurance cheaper.

Lowering the cost of Tabbert Caravan Insurance

Here are some effective ways to reduce the cost of touring caravan or motorhome insurance:

  • Increase Voluntary Excess: You can lower your premium by agreeing to pay a bit more yourself in case of a claim. Just remember, this is the amount you're responsible for if something happens.

  • Improve Caravan Security: To cut insurance costs, make your campervan more secure. Consider adding an approved alarm, immobilizer, or tracking device for easier recovery if it's stolen.

  • Get Multiple Quotes: Easily compare quotes from different insurance providers to find the best deal for your campervan insurance.

  • Build a No Claims History: Over time, not making claims earns you a good track record. This can lead to cheaper insurance as it shows you're less likely to make a claim.
  • Named Drivers: Choose a policy with named drivers instead of any driver. While any driver gives more flexibility, it comes with a higher premium. If you need any driver, consider restrictions like age limits, such as any driver over 25 only.

Tabbert Caravan Insurance FAQ's

how much is Caravan insurance

The typical cost of motorhome insurance is approximately £375 for a motorhome valued under £40,000. However, the final price depends on various factors like the driver's history, the actual value of the motorhome, and where it's stored when not in use. These aspects play a role in determining the specific insurance premium.

Do I need Caravan insurance?

Even though caravan insurance isn't mandatory, it's a smart choice to safeguard your touring vehicle investment. Considering that approximately 4,000 caravans are stolen annually in the UK, having insurance becomes even more crucial to protect against potential loss or damage.

Will My Caravan Be Covered If I Lend It to a Friend?

It's important to note that a typical caravan insurance policy won't cover lending your caravan for monetary gain or any form of reward. While some policies may allow lending to friends and family without compensation, others may not. Before letting someone borrow your caravan, make sure to check and understand the specific terms of your insurance coverage.

Does my car insurance cover towing a caravan

The extent of coverage when towing a caravan depends on your car insurance policy. In most cases, it provides third-party coverage only. Without a separate caravan insurance, you would be responsible for any damage in case of an accident while towing. It's advisable to check your specific car insurance policy to understand the level of protection it offers for towing a caravan.

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