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Towergate Beach Hut Insurance

Providing insurance for Beach Hut's is not the mainstay of UK insurance firms, with only a handful able to provide you with comparative quotes for this niche insurance product. That may change as demand for beach hut insurance has surged post pandemic. Towergate has gained a reputation of the few suppliers to offer beach hut insurance beach. Towergate Beach Hut Insurance may be the largest company to offer beach hut insurance, with over 100 offices and staff head count that is in the thousands. If you are looking to compare Towergate insurance for beach hut with other providers, we work with Quotezone to enable you to quickly get multiple quotes from other top providers for beach chalet insurance

Types of Home Insurance Available with Towergate 

Towergate Static and Touring Caravan Insurance Features:

Towergate is one of the few insurance providers of caravan insurance that include caravan storm and flood damage as standard. The Towergate touring caravan insurance product provides cover for theft, but the owner must undertake proscribed security measures for this type of claim to be accepted.  The standard touring caravan policy will include Theft and attempted theft by violent or forced entry. The trailer tent insurance policy will provide storm damage which is the most common type of claim, it also provides cover for accidental damage whilst being towed. The trailer tent is covered for theft y only if the theft is a result of the thieves having been able to bypass the proscribed security features

Towergate Motorhome Insurance Features:

Third party with fire and theft and comprehensive cover is available for motorhomes up to a value of £120,000 with public liability insurance included as standard.  The motorhome insurance policy also covers the loss of personal belongings and includes linen, furniture, cutlery, utensils and other motorhome related camping equipment, up to a value of £2,000. This cover does not extend to property taken from an unlocked vehicle.

  • Towergate Caravan insurance: This is standard home insurance for your main residence to cover buildings and contents 
  • Cottage
  • Farmhouse
  • Lodge
  • Log cabin

A holiday home also referred to as a second home is not always a beach hut the most types of holiday home include the following residential dwellings. The panel of socialist holiday home insurance companies can provide you with comparatives quotes for all types of holiday properties.

  • Chalet
  • Cottage
  • Farmhouse
  • Lodge
  • Log cabin
  • Caravan
  • Park House
  • Summer Home
  • Villa
  • Apartment or Duplex

Highlights of Towergate Beach Hut Policy

A Towergate beach hut insurance policy will provide cover for tidal surges, inundation, flooding and storms. They will also waive any excess, currently £50 if you are a member of the local Beach Hut Association. The content's policy is worthy of a mention, as it is flexible in what can be included. They offer options to include wake boards, deck chairs, furnishings and other items you might keep in your hut. In the worst case scenario, they also state that they will rebuild your beach hut as new. Which is a new for old policy that normally comes at additional cost within the leisure insurance industry. 

  • £5 million beach hut public liability cover
  • Loss of rent resulting from an insured event.
  • Buildings and contents cover including fixtures, fittings and contents

What is inundation Insurance?

This term is normally associated with flooding events. Flooding is normally associated with water rising and flooding your property. Whilst this is correct the flooding event can trigger inundation, example rain water can and does inundate the sewer system, this can lead to what is termed in the industry as surface flooding.

Does Towergate provide vehicle Insurance Products

Apart from holiday home cover, Towergate offer a range of products in the commercial vehicle insurance sector, Towergate minibus insurance is a popular product with taxi drivers alongside self drive hire insurance for rental fleet operators.

Beach Hut Insurance FAQ's

How do I know if I have a beach hut or a beach chalet?

Put simply, the key difference between a beach hut and a beach chalet is that a beach chalet can be used for overnight stays. If you are unsure about the regulations in the proposed area, it is advisable to contact that local council for clarification on this matter. 

How do I know the rebuild value of my beach hut

Find a reputable builder and obtain a written quotation for the rebuild costs. Make sure to include any demolition and removal costs. It is also advisable to get more than one quotation, This then can be used as the basis for insurance rebuild cost. 

Is monthly Beach Hut Insurance Available?

Most providers will assist in setting up a monthly direct debit to spread the coasts for beach hut cover.

MultiQuoteTime Ltd Does not recommend any insurance Companies. It is important that the property owner satisfies themselves that they are getting the cover they need for their own personal circumstances – undervaluation may affect the settlement in the event of claims. Please check the company’s website for full details on that is included or not in a Towergate Beach hut insurance policy. To visit Towergate Insurance website, go to:

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