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Guide to Towergate Minibus Innsurance 

Towergate are the largest independently owned insurance organisation in Europe and a specialist minibus insurance provider with many years experience within the caravan insurance sector.

Towergate defines itself as a specialist insurance provider of minibus insurance. Example most providers of minibus insurance will determine your insurance requirements and simply match these to one of the insurance provider they have access to.  A specialist works hard at understanding the unique requirements associated with the particular insurance sector. This information is then shared with an insurance provider to build a policy that is better suited to the needs of that sector.

They specialise in a range of insurance products including taxi fleet insurance, commercial and private HGV insurance, Caravan insurance, Towergate Taxi Insurance, motor trade and insurance non-profit organisations to give just a few examples

Working in partnerships with QuoteZone Multiquotetime can provide you with a range of quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with a range of insurance minibus quotes based on your individual requirements.

Towergate provides Insurance cover for minibuses and coaches

  • Towergate can provide quotes for a wide range of occupations and trades where a minibus is used, for example minibus taxi insurance or insurance for a self drive hire minibus and vehicle rental business.
  • They also provide SDP or family minibus insurance for those of us that use a minibus solely for social, domestic and pleasure only purposes, for example a family minibus.
  • For those that operate more than one minibus, example an airport shuttle service, Towergate can offer specialist minibus fleet insurance for minibuses that can seat from 9 to 17 passengers.
  • Private hire minibus Insurance – this is for minibuses that can must be booked in advance. 

Guide to lowering minibus Insurance costs

  • Security : Providing additional security that is approved by the insurance industry should bring down dividends in the form of lower annual or monthly premiums for your minibus cover. Consider investing in increased security features – such as tracking devices and internal cameras – you’ll not only get the peace of mind that your minibus is safer when unattended, but you can also benefit from lower premiums
  • Low Mileage : If you only use your minibus infrequently then it may be more economical to pursue a policy based on mileage also known as pay as you go insurance. Alternatively, consider temporary minibus insurance which will provide cover for a fixed period of time, normally 1 to 6 months,
  • Drive Safely : Installing a black box that records the behaviour of the driver. If the data shows you to be a safe and careful driver, you can expect to be rewarded with discounts on your insurance premium. Conversely, if the data gathered shows a picture of an erratic driver, then be prepared to pay more.
  • Minibus Size : The number of passenger seats will impact the cost, for example 9 seater minibus insurance will work out cheaper than insurance for a larger 17 seater minibus. Limiting payouts to 9 as opposed to 16 or 17 seater will reduce your cover requirements and thus overall premium cost.
  • Review Cover on an Annual Basis : Take time out as renewal time approaches to compare minibus insurance providers, look for offers or special discounts on offer. Make sure you are not paying for cover that you do not need or can take out cheaper elsewhere. Breakdown cover and windscreen cover are two items that fall into this category.

Types of Minibus Insurance Available

In keeping with car insurance, minibus insurance is available in 3 standard forms as below. Before proceeding, please ensure that your driving licence permits you to drive a minibus.

  • Third party, which is the legal minimum and cover the costs of the third party only  – e.g., damage to another driver’s vehicle in the event of an accident that was your fault
  • One step up from third party is third party plus fire and theft cover. Again, be aware this only provide cover for costs of a third party and to your minibus should it be stolen or damaged, or lost in a fire you will still be responsible for your own costs.
  • Comprehensive cover.  Includes third party fore and theft, plus provides additional cover for your own costs associated with the minibus accident.

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