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Tradex Motor Trade Insurance Review

TRADEX  Motor Trade Insurance Review

By looking at the Tradex insurance reviews, the public will understand just what types of policies this insurance company has to offer. The policies issued by Tradex are underwritten by Clegg Gifford & Co Limited, and Tradex refers to itself as a broker.

What Types of Policies does Tradex Specialise in?

This insurance company specializes in covering those people operating a motor trade business, taxi service and who use commercial vehicles. They are also known for handling unusual and difficult to cover vehicles. Tradex is well known in the motor trade, but it has many  competitors that include AXA trade insurance and Aviva motor trade Insurance. Both are worth comparing to find a deal that suits your sole trader or business needs.

What does the Motor Trade Policy include?

The three basic types of coverage for the vehicles when they are on the road include;

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Third Party

For the business additional coverage needed includes Employer’s Liability, Public Liability up to £10m, Product Liability, Material Damage and Combined Motor Trade Insurance can be added

For the business that is looking for minimal coverage can have road risk or part added to their policies.

What Types of Coverage are available for Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

  • Comprehensive
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Third Party

Each of these types of policies then has options determined by the risks involved in operating the vehicle or vehicles and the drivers associated with operating them. The options include any driver fleet insurance, Named Driver policy or Any Driver Policy has to be picked.

The Unusual Coverage

Tradex is one of the few insurance companies that will cover any type of vehicle with wheels. This includes amphibious vehicles when they are travelling on UK roads, ice cream trucks and hire and reward vehicles.

Vehicles that are only used for events like fairs and shows as vending vehicles are known to attend can also be covered along with vehicles and scrap being transported to recycling centres.

In Summary

The Tradex insurance reviews show that they cover the people that use their vehicles to make a living. Their motto is ‘if it has wheels, we will cover it’. If a person is having difficulty finding coverage, Tradex can write a custom policy to help anyone be legal when on the roads in the UK.

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