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Guide To Tree Surgeon Insurance

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July 2023

Tree surgery work comes with risks that are related to working at heights with tools that can cause serious injury if an accident were to occur. Because of this elevated risk related to the job of an arboriculturist, it would be prudent to consider the tree surgeon insurance with public liability options to cover thee risks. Insurance for tree surgeons is not a legal requirement, but most contracts may make it compulsory for contractors to carry sufficient liability insurance.  The key cover for tree surgeons is public liability, which provides cover for any damage caused to a third part or the property of a third party. You can see why this may a worthwhile investment if you are a tree surgeon.

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Check For Policy Restrictions

Some providers will provide a height restriction similar to scaffolding public liability insurance, look for a policy without height restrictions 

How Much Public Liability Cover Should A Tree Surgeons Have?

Most brokers will let you select the level of public liability cover, which will in general range from £5million to £10million.

What Is The Average Cost Of Tree Surgeon Insurance?

The average cost of tree surgeon insurance with public liability will be based on the level of cover required and your history of claims.  The higher the level of public liability selected the higher the premium, if you are a self employed tree surgeon you may also wish to include cover for your expensive equipment, wood-chippers, cutting tools and chainsaws.

Common Claims Made By Tree Surgeons

  • A falling branch crashes into a nearby building cause damage 
  • The chipper fires out a chunk of wood that hits a passer by causing an injury  
  • The chainsaw falls from above onto a parked car or pedestrian passing by.
  • The tree surgeon falls from his tree perch, causing injury to himself, others or property 

Don't Overlook The Importance Of Public Liability Insurance?

Without tree surgeon public liability insurance, you can be held liable to claims by third parties against your arborist business.  If the claimant brings a successful claim for damage or personal injury you will be held solely liable for these plus any legal fees, these claims amounts can be significant. Significant to the point of having to liquidate your thriving arborist business  

Do You Need a Professional Qualification To Apply For Tree Surgeon Insurance Policy?

Whilst not compulsory, having qualifications can help reduce your tree surgeon insurance premiums, particularly if they cover safety at work.

Compare Insurance Designed For Tree Surgeon And Aborists

It is important to select an insurer and broker who understand the industry and associated requirements.   For tree surgeon insurance with public liability we have partnered with Quotezone who are able to offer specialised tree surgeon insurance quotes with public liability.  

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