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Compare Truck Insurance UK

If you are a truck driver we can help you compare the cost of UK truck insurance. As a truck driver you are fully aware of the daily risks posed as you go about your business. To legally drive a truck in the UK you will need a minimum of third party cover. Truck insurance is available for a full range of vehicles that fall under the umbrella term "commercial utility vehicle". 

Truck Insurance UK

Example of vehicle types covered under truck insurance

We have listed some of the most common vehicle types below, but this is only a small sample of the vehicle types that we can provide quotes for.

  • Recovery Vehicles: Recovery truck insurance need not be expensive. We have partnered QuoteSearcher who can provide quotes for your recovery vehicle. Start by selecting Start your quote and complete one easy form.
  • HGV: Owner driver of a Heavy goods vehicle and looking for HGV insurance at a reasonable price? We can help you compare the market by providing multiple quotes from UK brokering agents.
  • Pickup: Get pick up truck insurance quotes for your privately owned or business pick up. Cover available for under 25's plus any driver. Full range of options from fully comprehensive to third party only.

How can I reduce my truck insurance premium?

Telematics : What is telematics and can it reduce my annual or monthly premiums? Simply put a device is added to your truck and yes, it can reduce your premium. The purpose of the device is to record data on how the rig is driven and will include at least the following:

  • Severity of braking
  • The ability to steer smoothly
  • Rate of acceleration
  • Average speed and speed peaks

Driver background checks. Drivers that have a history of claims will increase your premium. As they will obviously be seen as an added risk and increase your insurance costs. In addition, drivers under 25 will incur a higher premium based on increased risk of accidents. So whilst the young driver may be one of the better drivers in the eyes of the underwriter they are seen as extra risk.

Reduce admin costs. Simply arranging one annual payment will lead towards less overheads for everyone in the loop. The resulting lower costs can be passed on to you in terms of a lower premium.

Fleet cover? Often overlooked, but if you have more than one vehicle consider fleet insurance.

Tighten up on security. Making your vehicles secure and safe should help to bring down the truck insurance premium If possible provide safe secure parking. Add additional safety devices ( broker approved ) such as immobiliser, GPS tracking devices. Taking these steps will help lower your annual or monthly premiums

Do you need any driver cover? If possible limit your policy to named drivers. However, if your business model requires driver flexibility then an any driver policy may be a better choice.

Compare truck insurance costs

Quotes can easily be tailored to the owner operators individual needs, providing the necessary cover to ensure you are not at financial risk as a result of an operating accident. Having your trucking business covered with adequate protection can let you get on with running your business without concerns for possible future claims against you or one of your drivers.

The policy can also be tailored to cover goods in transit, personal liability and loss of earnings. Depending on the type of business, you may also wish to cover tools, machinery, cargo and goods transported or held in storage.

MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with quotes on your motor fleet cover.

Compare Truck Insurance UK