5 tips To Guard your Cargo

Have you stopped to consider how much money is being lost by your company on lost cargo or freight? Just one trailer load can amount to thousands of pounds. If it is your responsibility to keep the cargo safe whilst you are in charge of the consignment. However, freight can often been seen left totally unattended at the mercy of the cunning thief who can make easy money for stealing 1 trailer load. Below, we have provided some tips to help ensure the risk of losses is greatly reduced.

Perform Background Check

The facts show that most thefts involving cargo or freight are inside jobs. As such, the best way to keep your freight safe is to do a meticulous background check on all your employees, both full time and part-time. In summary, anybody that has access to the cargo area should be screened for past offences. Some of these actions will also work towards lowering the cost of actual Truck insurance.

Put in Place Security Protocols

Be proactive and ensure training in security is provided for all your staff. Examples include parking in areas of good visibility, making sure the vehicle is left secure if they need to leave it for any amount of time, adding extra security devices can also help as a deterrent. Make it part of company policy that drivers must never reveal the contents of their cargo to anyone outside the company, including family.

Add a GPS Tracking Device

If a trailer is stolen, you will need to know where it now is or where it is going. The solution is simple, simply add a GPS tracking device, which will provide all the necessary information to making the safe return of your trailer and cargo. These devices should be concealing in all your trailers and work cabs. This will enable your entire fleet to be monitored in real time. This comes with many other advantages, such as monitoring delivery progress/times. 

Park Your Truck in a Safe Area

Situations happen that may mean a valuable cargo which should have been delivered to a valued customer on Friday will have to wait until Monday morning. It such situations, it is crucial to park the trailer and load in a secure area, ideally with security guards manning the entrance and exits of the cargo yard. At the very least, park in an area that is easily visible to security, switch on all security devices to warn away potential thieves.

Add Radio Frequency Tracking

Radio Frequency Tracking is another method of keeping an eye on the movement of your fleet and any valuable cargo whilst stationary or in transit. Taking these positive steps and keeping your truck road safe should help lower your truck insurance.

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