MultiQuoteTime - Truck Driving Articles

Driving a truck can be a challenging job and comes with risks. These risks can be increased if working if severe climate conditions or working extra hours.

Number 1 tip is always keep your distance the more equates to lower chance of collision, think of driving on deserted highway. The most common form of collision is the rear collision, someone driving too close or not paying attention to the truck or car in front and slams into your rear.

EU Drivers Hours Rules apply to all drivers of large goods vehicles (LGVs) over 3.5 tonnes. The EU Drivers Hours Rules are used to set limits for daily, weekly and nightly driving. They also specify minimum break times for drivers during a working day, along with daily and weekly rest periods.

Have you stopped to consider how much money is being lost by your company on lost cargo or freight? Just one trailer load can amount to thousands of pounds.

With recovery truck insurance in place it is also important to keep your vehicle road safe. To ensure your recovery vehicle remains legal it is best practice to perform a walk around check before each trip.

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