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Hino Truck Insurance Japan

Hino Trucks, often referred to simply as Hino, is a Japanese manufacturer of commercial trucks and buses. 

Hino trucks is well know player in the commercial trucking industry. Hino is another Japanises brand that compete in the commercial trucking sector and competes with ISUZU Trucks amongst others. Hino Motors, the company behind Hino Trucks, was founded in 1942 as a subsidiary of the Tokyo Gas and Electric Industry (now known as Tokyo Gas).  The company started life y produced heavy-duty diesel engines and then progressed into manufacturing heavy-duty trucks. They also produce smaller lightweight vans, but so far have not ventured to the passenger car market.

Toyota acquired a majority stake in the company in 1967. This partnership has allowed Hino to benefit from Toyota's engineering and manufacturing expertise.

They have earned a reputation for strength and reliability. They are designed and built to withstand tough operating conditions, making the ideal choice for demanding industries like construction, transportation, and logistics.

A Typical HINO Truck Insurance Can Include :

Pickup and Van Models Include:

We have selected just some of the models that are working the roads of  the UK and Northern Ireland and also working within the construction industry.

  • Hino 195: The 195 is a medium-duty truck that's often used for urban and suburban delivery applications.
  • Hino 268: This is another medium-duty truck with a wide range of uses.  Some of which include, food delivery service, and general freight hauling.
  • Hino 338: moving into the heavy-duty range, this lorry can handle more substantial payloads. It's commonly used for construction, landscaping, and other applications that require a truck with a higher GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating).
  • Hino 700 Series: In some markets, Hino's 700 series trucks are considered their flagship heavy-duty models. These trucks are designed for long-distance and heavy-haul applications, including long-haul transportation and freight hauling
  • Hino 155: The Hino 155 is a smaller, cab-over-engine truck and is best suited to deliveries within an urban area.

A Typical HINO Truck Insurance Can Include :

Cover available for all vehicle types:

Cover is available for anything for every type of commercial vehicle from 7.5 ton lorry insurance to HGV insurance, the range of vehicles include, some good examples include the following:

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