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What is Mini Digger Insurance?

Mini digger insurance is the type of insurance policy to get when you own or use a mini digger in the long or short term. These policies come in a range of different levels of cover, but can protect you from all of the serious risks that having and using a mini digger presents.

To get tailored quotes from the QuoteZone panel of mini digger insurance specialists, simply click here, once you’ve provided the necessary information about your vehicle and the level of cover you need, you’ll then have access to a range of quotes for easy comparison. All you have to do is pick the best one!

mini digger insurance uk

Best Selling Mini Diggers

These micro diggers are workhorses, no more digging trenches with spades. These mini-excavators are quieter, easy to use and economical on fuel.the micro dogger is perfect for jobs on the farm and are perfect for work in tight spaces.  Below we have listed some of the best selling micro and larger diggers in  the UK.

  • JCB diggers
  • Caterpillar
  • Kubota Mini Excavator
  • John Deere 30G mini excavator
  • Volvo CE’s Fully-Electric Compact Excavator
  • Bobcat

What Is Covered On A Mini Digger Insurance Policy

The level of cover will vary according to your own requirements and depending on your personal situation, however, the standard components of a mini digger insurance policy are as follows:

  • Theft cover will help you to replace the equipment if it goes missing.
  • Flood cover will help pay to make repairs if the digger is damaged by water.
  • Employer's Liability is to protect the workers that may be at risk of injuring themselves and liable for others while using the equipment.
  • Accidental Damage ensures that the equipment itself is protected if a fault arises in the machine or it picks up any damage during use or through a collision.
  • Public Liability to cover damage to public property or pedestrians.
  • Road Insurance to cover the digger if you want to drive on a public road against accidents that may cause loss to the digger or a third party.

Theft cover will help you to replace the equipment if it goes missing.

Should I Get Mini Digger Insurance?

Anyone with a mini digger can find a policy that’s right for them. Whether you are insuring a commercial fleet, a personal mini digger, or a rental for a DIY project, you can get the cover that you feel you need for how you’re using and storing the digger.

If your digger is stored with minimal security, theft will be a priority. If you are operating with employees, then employer's liability will be required. Public liability is recommended when operating in a public place.

If you plan on driving your digger on a public road then third party road insurance will be a legal requirement, and comprehensive motor cover is recommended.

Mini diggers are expensive pieces of equipment, costing tens of thousands of pounds to replace should the worst happen. It is advised to insure expensive equipment of this nature, and many rental companies will insist that you get insurance if using their equipment.

How Much Is Mini Digger Insurance?

Mini digger insurance can cost anywhere from around £50 for a single-use hire, and as low as £60 a year per digger for a commercial fleet. These figures will go up depending on your level of cover and other factors, such as how long you’re planning on using the digger, what you’re using it for, the age of the digger, the sum insured, the location, the security measures taken, and the level of training and experience of the operators.

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