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Insurance for a pick up truck private use & business use

If you intend to use your pick-up truck for commercial use then you will need commercial pick up insurance which is similar to van insurance. If you are just seeking personal insurance be sure to understand the limitations of use, as if these are not strictly adhered your cover will be invalidated.

In order to operate a truck legally on a public road, you must have a minimum of third party truck insurance. Whether you’re a self-employed tradesman who uses his pick up truck for work, a delivery, or someone who just drives a pickup as their vehicle of choice, it’s important to remember that all vehicles and policies are not the same. If the vehicle you are looking to insure has a front cab, and an open cargo area in the back, then as you most likely know already, you’ll need pick up Insurance.

pickup truck insurance

How to reduce the cost of pick up Insurance UK

The costs for pick up insurance is guided by the same factors that govern the cost of van insurance. Like vans the more expensive the higher will be the insurance. The underwriter will not only take into account the cost, but also the average repair costs which is dependent largely on replacement parts.

If you are considering what make of pick-up truck to purchase, this may be a factor that you wish to take into consideration. Many other factors will be used to determine your quote for pick-up insurance. We have listed some key factors below. Some of these, you can take steps to help lower your risk to the insurer.

  • Check for deductions for adding extra security devices, for example an industry approved tracking device.
  • Can you limit drivers to named drivers only as opposed to any driver?
  • Can you provide safe overnight parking for your pick-up ? If yes make sure that your broker is made aware.

Another option to reduce the costs of pick up insurance is to speak with your broker about increasing the amount of excess. The excess is the amount that you will be liable for should you need to make a claim. If this is increased, then the broker has less risk, and you should pay less for your pick-up cover. The pick up or van excess is the amount that you will be liable for if you need to make a claim against the policy. 

  • Mitsubishi L200
  • Nissan Navara
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Fiat Fullback
  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Isuzu D-Max

Types of pick up insurance available

Some factors that will make a difference to your pickup insurance are whether the vehicle has a standard cab or a double cab. If your vehicle has been modified and what exactly you use your van for. A standard cab by definition has a single row of seats up front, while a double or ‘extended’ cab will have space behind the front seats, and will often be fitted with a bench seat.

Both 2 and 4-door pickups have a flat open rear, making them very versatile, and are used for a multitude of chores. The rear can be left open for easy access or covered by adding a carry cab to keep contents safe.

Pick up insurance for business and private use

If you intend to use your pickup truck in similar fashion to a work business van, then you must inform your broker. Extra cover should be taken out if you are moving goods or storing valuable work tools in the rear. We have listed some of these extra types of cover that may be required if using a pickup for business or commercial use.

If you intend to drive your vehicle in Europe, then you will need additional cover for driving in Europe, this is normally capped to 90 days per year, please check the policy details.

If you are hauling goods, then you will need goods in transit insurance, abbreviated to G.I.T insurance. If you are using the pickup van for hire and reward, you will also need hire and reward van insurance

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