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Recovery Truck Insurance

All vehicles on the road in the UK must be protected with adequate insurance covered including the trucks that assist those involved in accidents and are broken down. This specialized type of policy is recovery truck insurance.

Who needs Recovery Truck Insurance?

This is the type of vehicle insurance that covers a specific classification of trucks.  This classification includes recovery or tow trucks and those used to transport new and used vehicles as a third party service.

Are there Different Types of Recovery Truck Insurance?

  • The minimum coverage allowed by UK law is Third Party insurance. This covers the cost of the other vehicle and medical bills when you are at fault in an accident.  
  • Third Party Fire and Theft has the same coverage as the standard Third Party plus protection if your vehicle is damaged by a fire or is stolen through no fault of your own.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the same as Third Party with the addition that your vehicle and your medical bills are covered immaterial whose fault the accident is.
  • Public Liability coverage protects you against legal fees when a customers or their property is injured or damage while in your possession.  
  • Employer Liability insurance takes care of the bills and legal fees if you or one of your employees are injured or passes away while in a work related activity.
  • Fleet insurance is the best and at lowest cost to cover more than one recovery truck used by the same organisation.
  • Loss of License insurance will financially cover you and your business if you or one of your employees loses their UK operating license.

Who Qualifies for Recovery Truck Insurance?

  • Anyone with a valid and current UK vehicle operator’s license for this size and classification of vehicle.
  • For operators under the age of 25, most insurance companies charge a higher premium.
  • The operators cannot have any criminal conviction on their record.
  • You must presently be employed in a recovery truck business.
  • The operator must be free of any physical imparities.
  • An organization that has no formal legal complaints or filings against them

What Affects the Costs of this Policy?

As with all types of insurance, the cost of the premium is affected by the level of coverage. The more that is covered the higher the premium is.

Are there any Discounts Available?

  • There are discounts available for those operators of recovery truck that have a low number of annual miles placed on the vehicle.
  • No claim discounts.
  • The presence of dash cams that create evidence when an accident occurs.
  • Paying for the entire policy on an annual basis instead of monthly payments.

The recovery truck insurance is a specialsed type of coverage to legally and financially protect those that help us when we are stranded on the road away from home. With the assistance of our insurance brokers who will do the comparisons of policies for you and will find the right level of cover you need at the budget you require. This way you can be covered at a price you can afford.