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Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery Truck Insurance is financial protection for those who are on the road helping others recover their vehicles. This type of business is in the motor trade industry and includes tow trucks used for both private and commercial uses.  All vehicles on the road in the UK must be protected with adequate insurance covered including the trucks that assist those involved in accidents and are broken down. This type of policy is referred to as recovery vehicle insurance.

Recovery Truck Insurance

Recovery trucks provide a breakdown recovery service on the UK roads

Recovery truck drivers provide a breakdown assist service to motorists that have a breakdown whilst in transit. Depending on the type of breakdown cover it may even cover a roadside flat tire. If you have a breakdown policy please refer directly to it for details of inclusions and exclusions. For example some policies limit the number of callouts over a fixed time period. For those that have multiple cars registered at the one address then multi car breakdown cover be better suited to your requirements. 

What is recovery truck insurance?

Recovery truck insurance is a coverthat is required by UK law to legally operate on public roads. Just like all other motorised vehicle insurance, there are three different levels of cover that can be obtained. This includes;

  • Third Party : The minimum coverage allowed by UK law is Third Party insurance. This covers the cost of the other vehicle and medical bills when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Third party fire and theft : has the same coverage as the standard Third Party plus protection if your vehicle is damaged by a fire or is stolen through no fault of your own.
  • Comprehensive insurance is the same as Third Party with the addition that your vehicle and your medical bills are covered immaterial whose fault the accident is.

Because this type of motor trade insurance involves the moving of a third party’s vehicle, additional cover is advisable for added protection. These optional areas include;

  • Public liability cover for protection if a claim is filed by a third party for any reason.
  • Legal cover to help pay the legal bills if a claim is filed against your services.

What types of covers should an owner of more than one recovery truck have?

Many businesses have a primary focus of recovering vehicles that have been involved in accidents or are broken down on the road. For many of these businesses, they have more than one recovery truck. These businesses then should have them covered with fleet insurance for their vehicles to help manage costs.

The businesses with multiple recovery trucks might also want the policy written so any authorized employee can operate the vehicle instead of designating one primary driver. This allows for multiple operators to use the same recovery vehicle and still be covered.

With multiple vehicles, there are generally employees hired to operate the recovery vehicles. This means the owner should take out employer’s liability cover. This will cover the costs if the employee is hurt or passes away while on the job

What are the additional areas that can be covered with a recovery truck insurance policy?

To keep a car transpoter operational, the equipment in the back that makes it possible to attach and lift the disabled vehicles must be in proper working order. To protect this equipment there is an add-on to a recovery truck insurance policy called ‘tools, machinery and equipment’. This add-on will help cover the cost of repairs and replacement of this equipment to help keep the recovery truck in proper working condition.

Are there any Discounts Available?

  • There are discounts available for those operators of recovery truck that have a low number of annual miles placed on the vehicle.
  • No claim discounts.
  • The presence of dash cams that create evidence when an accident occurs.
  • Paying for the entire policy on an annual basis instead of monthly payments.

Can the building that the recovery trucks operate out of, be included in the policy?

Yes, the building and its contents can be included in the motor trade recovery truck insurance policy. This type of cover can help protect the business if there is a fire or other event that would cause damage to the property that might hinder the business’s ability to operate.

The recovery truck insurance is a policy to help protect those that help others who are stranded on the road. Deciding on how much cover a business needs is the decision of the owner and is generally determined by the budget allocated for this protection along with the risks involved.

Finding the right policy can take time and normally involves checking multiple options over a range of brokers. We can help by sharing your requirements with a panel of UK insurance brokers. On completing one simple form you will start to receive multiple recovery insurance quotes, get started by selecting the Compare Now button below

Recovery Vehicle Insurance

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