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A refrigerated van or fridge van could be thought of as a mobile fridge. They are typically used in the transportation of perishable items, and you’ll frequently see them on the roads here in the UK, carrying deliveries to supermarkets or the local butcher. 

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What’s the best type of insurance cover for my fridge van?

refrigerated van insurance

If you are the owner of either a single van or fleet of vans, your food truck insurance should cover at the very least third party. Also, you should have coverage that will protect you from any liability in the event that the refrigeration unit breaks down. If this should happen, any perishable goods inside could very possibly be ruined and will have to be replaced at either at your cost or the cost of your client. If you have the correct cover, your insurance company will cover costs of replacement.

Refrigerated van insurance companies

Fridge vans are a requirement for many professions and trades. Below is a small selection of the most popular fridge van categories that the brokers can provide insurance for. Read our guide on finding the best refrigerated van for your business requirements

  • Food Delivery Vans
  • Catering
  • Fish Mongers
  • Butchers
  • Home delivery food stores, example TESCO 

Lowering the cost of refrigerated van insurance cover

Below, we suggest some great ways to lower the cost of van insurance and find great value van insurance:

  • Increase the excess – This is the amount that you would be liable for in the event of any claim that you may make. Increasing the excess amount can help you to reduce your premium, depending on how much you choose to increase it by. 
  • Improve the security – This is important, especially for expensive refrigerated vans. Speak with your insurance provider on improving van security. Follow advice by having an alarm and immobiliser installed. Also consider adding a GPS tracker to make recovery easier should it be stolen. When not in use, providing safe parking is recommended if you want to cut down costs.
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting multiple quotes from a range of specialist fridge van insurance providers is one of the best ways to save money on van insurance and is incredibly easy to do.

Fridge truck insurance quotes tailored to your business requirements

Every business is different, and your insurance requirements would meet exactly with your business needs. The quotes provide by multiple brokers can be tailored to your actual refrigerated van insurance needs. Truck insurance is expensive, but measures can be taken to lower your annual premium. Lowering the number of claims by safe driving will make a big contribution to getting a better deal come renewal time.

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To find a good deal on refrigerated van insurance, start by comparing the market. The select panel of UK brokers can provide you or your business with quotes that can be tailored to your requirements. When it comes to arranging payment most provider will offer no deposit van insurance which is effectively monthly van insurance, which tends to be slightly more expensive than paying for cover in one lump sum

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refrigerated van insurance
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