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Skip Lorry insurance for both business and private owner operators can be expensive, so it pays to compare the available options available on the UK insurance market. Working in partnership with QuoteZone Compare Multi Quote Time can provide you with a range of quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. The panel will you with a range of skip lorry insurance quotes based on your individual requirements. If you are looking for new skip lorry insurance or renewing an existing policy, spend a few minutes completing a simple online form and received multiple quotes from the select panel of UK brokers today.

Skip Lorry Insurance and How You Can Save Money

By law, all vehicles that operate on public roads need to be insured. Should you be driving a particularly large commercial vehicle, extra care needs to be taken when choosing cover. Keeping other road users safe along with being prepared for anything that might happen is a priority.

The skip lorry insurance premium is directly affected by the weight of the vehicle. As is the case with a Skip Lorry, their weight will put them in the ‘heavy’ vehicle category which ranges from 11,794 kg to 14,969, the same category as mobile cranes, rubbish trucks, and tractors. The general rule of thumb is; the larger the vehicle, the greater the risk of an accident, along with the fact that more damage can occur in the event of a mishap, so the premium cost will be higher.

Levels of cover available

Skip lorry insurance like other vehicle insurance is available at three levels listed below. 

  • Basic third party: This cover is the legal minimum required to drive in the UK. It only provides cover to the other or third party. 
  • Third party with fire and theft : This includes third party cover and in addition will cover your vehicle for fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive: This is the top level of cover that is available. It provides third party with fire and theft and in addition will cover damage to your vehicle, self and property. 

Compare Skip Lorry  Insurance with Multi Quote Time

To find a good deal on Skip Lorry insurance, start by comparing the market. The panel of UK brokers can help you  by providing you with multiple quotes. To get started, select the start your below, complete one easy form to start quote the process.

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