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Last updated Feb 2024

If you own a vintage or classic tractor or one that you use on your farm for agricultural reasons, you already know how expensive they can be to maintain and upkeep. Did you ever think of getting streamlined tractor insurance UK to cover all eventualities? It’s extremely important if you take your vintage tractor to shows and exhibitions. 

tractor insuarnce uk

Unlike truck insurance, there is no legal requirement to have tractor insurance or even an MOT, if you use it on your land for farming purposes, you’re better to be safe than sorry. When you consider how important a tractor can be to a small agricultural business, it only makes sense to protect your investment and best interests. Let’s take a look at your options with our farm vehicle insurance guide. 

Do tractors pay road tax

If the vehicle is used only for the purpose of agriculture, forestry or horticulture work, it will be exempt from paying road tax. However, you will still need to tax your vehicle every year even if you are exempt from road tax,

If I am exempt from road tax, can I drive on the roads

You have entitlement of limited use. This allows short journeys no more than 1.5 KM on the public road between adjoining land that is owned by the same person

What is Tractor Insurance?

The best tractor insurance policies will protect you and your tractor in the event of any incidents related to fire and theft and road accidents. Depending on the type of policy you buy, other vehicles on your farm can also be included in the coverage. Buying a tractor is a massive investment, especially if you are a small farm. Having insurance will cover you against claims. The extent of cover will depend on the level of insurance that you take out. Agriculture vehicles can be insured similar to cars under third party only, third part with fire and theft or fully comprehensive.

Can I insurance my Vintage Tractor?

Alongside standard tractor insurance policies, you can also cover vintage tractors. The brokers can provide flexible policies, letting you insure multiple farm vehicles under one policy and tailored to your exact needs.  As such, you may choose to cover one tractor under third party only and another under fully compressive cover. The choice will be yours. We will discuss these more later.

What Does Tractor Insurance UK Cover?

A key question we are always asked is does my tractor insurance UK cover me for any accidents I might incur on the road? Although this type of policy is largely geared for any fire or thefts, it can also cover road accidents. Farmers routinely takes their tractors on the road to visit their fields in other destinations, so yes, you are covered for road accidents if you buy the right policy type. You are also covered against any accidents you might have on your own private land. Having private land will open you up to liability claims and many farmers take out land insurance to protect against liability claims, that can be financially crippling.

Farm owners have access to a multitude of insurance options, with the main two being farm vehicle insurance and agricultural vehicle insurance. The latter offers coverage for other vehicles on your farm such as 4x4s, pick-up trucks, vans, and so forth. If you primarily use these vehicles on your farm, they are covered by agricultural vehicle insurance. 

Here are some things that tractor insurance UK can protect you against, although it vastly depends on which policy you choose:

  • Your tractor and possibly related accessories, implements, or even trailers.
  • Any belongings or spare parts you have inside your tractor.
  • Vintage tractors that are used by hobbyists who visit agricultural shows and exhibitions.
  • Some policies can cover machinery that was manufactured before 1990.

What Type of Tractor Insurance UK Policies Are Available?

There’s way more to your agricultural and farm vehicle insurance coverage options than you’d ever know. There are three main types of coverage that suit tractor owners, and a few more specialised options. Let’s take a look at your options in more depth.

Third-Party Only (TPO) Tractor Insurance

As the name suggests, this type of policy is for any third parties that make claims against you. It won’t cover the costs of damages incurred to your tractor but is solely to protect you against third-party claims. If your tractor is stolen, this policy doesn’t cover it. 

Third-Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) Tractor Insurance

This policy will not only cover you for any third-party claims made against you, but will also cover theft of your tractor and any fires. This gives you more options and covers you against more than standard TPO policies. It’s one of the most popular policies for farmers.

Are There Any Other Tractor Insurance Methods?

Aside from the three main  policy types, there are a few more options that are more specific and dedicated to certain requirements. For instance, you can buy single tractor insurance or policies that cover more than one. And there is also vintage tractor insurance, which is most definitely one of the most streamlined policies imaginable. Let’s take a look at some of these different options.

What is Vintage Tractor Insurance

Vintage and classic tractors are not used to perform farming or agricultural duties. They’re treated more akin to classic cars than work-intensive tractors. If you own a vintage tractor that you take to exhibitions, tractor shows, road runs, or rallies, you might want to seriously consider this policy.

Vintage tractor policies only cover classic types that are 25 years old or older. You will be covered against any accidents incurred while driving from home to the show or exhibition. This will also cover anything inside your tractor. Just make sure you carefully read vintage tractor insurance policy details before you make any purchases because there are lots of exclusions and stipulations attached.

Farm Fleet Insurance Available

Comparison quotes are also available if you have more than 1 farm vehicle, or you can include your road and farm vehicles under one farm fleet insurance policy.

What is Single Tractor Insurance?

If you own a small farm and only have one tractor, Single Tractor Insurance was created purposely for you. It’s way cheaper to insure a single vehicle instead of a fleet. You can simply insure a single tractor with this policy. This type of policy is streamlined yet flexible, allowing you to tailor the cover to your exact needs. 

What is Commercial Insurance?

There are feet insurance options that allow you to insure several tractors in a single policy. These are called commercial tractor insurance policies.  This is great if you are looking to save money across the board. Insuring all farm vehicles in the same deal is cost-effective for farms with a multitude of vehicles. If you use tractors for heavy commercial use, this type of policy fits likes a glove. It can also cover all manner of heavy-duty vehicles that are used for agriculture. 

How can money be saved with Tractor insurance Cost?

Saving money is simple, reduce the risk to the insurance firm. This is accomplished in several ways that include the following;

  • Pay the premium annually will remove the interest payments people incur with monthly and quarterly payments.
  • Increase the excess paid when a claim is filed.
  • Park the vehicle off the street and in a locked building when not in use.
  • Be a good and safe driver and when possible install a telemetric device to prove it.
  • For independent couriers, advertise your services on the side of a vehicle. This reduces the risk of the vehicle being stolen.

Should I Buy Tractor Insurance?

If you use one or more tractors for agriculture reasons, it’s essential that you get the best tractor insurance cover right away. It’s not exactly the law, but you don’t want to be left to foot the bill from your own pocket in the event of a fire, theft, or an accident. Tractors are expensive to run and maintain, and if one breaks down or is rendered non-operational in an accident, your business could be in trouble.

And if you have a classic or vintage tractor that you take to shows and exhibitions, Vintage Tractor Insurance will cover any accidents to and from the event. Always read the small print, and always consider your exact requirements before any insurance purchase.

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