What is CPC Training?

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Driver CPC training is aimed at LGV and PCV drivers that wish to drive professionally with the UK. CPC training and the correct level of truck insurance are two key requirements to operate legally in the UK. The purpose is to continually improve both skills and knowledge of PCV and LG drivers. After initial qualification, drivers must renew qualification every 5 years. From the driver's perspective, this can be viewed as 2 parts, initial and ongoing. Becoming a HGV driver can be a lucrative option in the UK post Brexit, see becoming a HGV driver what you need to know to find out more on how to become a UK truck driver.

  • Initial qualification for new drivers so they can drive professionally
  • Regular ongoing training culminating in a retest once every 5 years 

Can I drive without a CPC certificate?

Whist some exceptions do exist, in general you must have undergone CPC training if you drive a lorry over 3.5 tonnes, bus or coach with more than 9 passengers as the main part of your job. For a 9 seater minibus, you will only need the correct level of 9 seater minibus insurance and a valid driving licence. For minibuses or coaches that seat more than 9 you will need the correct minibus insurance plus a CPC certificate. 

What is the penalty for not having a current CPC certificate

Currently, fines can up to  £1,000 for operating a vehicle without a valid driver CPC. You may also be subject to points on your licence which will make HGV insurance or minibus insurance more expensive if not prohibitive come renewal time. Read our guide to getting a good deal on insurance with points on your licence.

What does CPC stand for ?

CPC simply stands for  'Certificate of Professional Competence'

Driver CPC Fees

These are the fees for sitting the CPC test. The actual cost of training is variable, and you should do your own research to find the best training courses close tow here you live.

Driver CPCFees as of2021
CPC Practical test (module 4)£55
CPC Theory Test (module 2)£23
Replace lost, stolen or damaged DQC£25

What happens on a CPC course?

  • 1. Module One – Theory test. The theory comprises 2 parts. Part 1 consists of 100 questions on theory, and part 2 consists of hazard awareness. Candidates will be presented with 19 videos, each hazard noted is worth 5 points, and you will need 67% to pass.   
  • 2. Module Two – Case studies. This is an online test in which you will be presented with 7 case studies, followed by multiple choice question and answers. 
  • 3. Module Three – Practical test to acquire driving licence. The test will last about 90 minutes and will test your driving ability both on and off road.
  • 4. Module Four – Driver CPC Practical test. In this module you will be asked questions on procedures, example the correct procedure for unloading goods or how to perform a truck safety check

Is Driver CPC going to be scrapped?

Since Brexit people have been asking will this requirement be scrapped as it was originally an EU initiative.  We believe this is unlikely, as its purpose was to improve driving standards and truck driving safety. Add in the time and resources that have gone into implementing the training program, and it would be hard to imagine it just being dropped. 

Some exceptions to not requiring a CPC certificate

  • Using your vehicle for non commercial use. Example, if you use the vehicle to help at a local charity and are not in any way rewarded.  This is termed 'not for hire and reward'.   Which is the opposite of hire and reward 
  • If you use your vehicle to transport work materials related to your business, you can be exempted, but only if it is 30% or less of your rolling monthly work
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