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Self employed Courier Insurance

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Why you need self employed courier insurance

Last updated : 26 March 2022

Working for the major delivery services like Hermes and Amazon today during the pandemic can be an avenue for establishing a revenue stream for you and your family. If you are delivering multiple items on a multi drop basis you will need courier insurance, if you are self employed it will be your responsibly to make sure you have the correct insurance for the service being provided. If  you are self employed and delivery goods, then you will need self employed courier insurance. This should not be confused with haulage insurance, which is normally associated with a single drop over a long distance.

Standard Car Insurance is Not Sufficient

Driving a car without the proper insurance is the same as driving without insurance and can result in an unwanted IN10 conviction. Which will make it both difficult and more expensive to get future insurance. The insurance that you need is often referred to as hire and reward insurance. First step is to ask your current broker if they provide self-employed courier insurance as a top-up to your standard policy or failing that as a stand-alone policy. Self employed courier insurance and hire and reward are one and the same.

Standard Van Business insurance is Not Sufficient

Getting the right cover is just as important if you’re using a van, rather than your own car, to deliver parcels. Van policies themselves are intended for commercial purposes, but not necessarily for couriers. They’re a general policy, covering people who use their vans for work, such as plumbers, gardeners and builders, and don’t cover risks specific to those using their van to deliver parcels.

If you have a work van, you will most likely have a form of van commercial insurance to cover using your van for your business or trade, plumber for example. Again, this will not cover you for  the delivery of items, example food or parcels. You will need hire and reward van insurance if you intend working as a courier within the UK. 

What does Hermes provide a courier?

For the part time courier, Hermes provides a wage that can be £10 to £15 an hour. They hire both full-time couriers who are their employees and self-employed couriers. The courier can provide their own delivery driver insurance policy, or Hermes will issue a policy of their own to the courier. The policy issued by Hermes is the minimum requirement of Third Party Only commercial hire and reward insurance. This does not come with the optional add-on of Goods In Transit. Because of that, the parcels being transported are not protected against being stolen, damaged or lost while being transported.

Employed and self-employed delivery drivers both need the same insurance

Regardless of being self employed or employed, you will need courier insurance. If employed, your employer should provide the required insurance, but do check. If self employed contact your broker as you may have an option of top up insurance to provide the required cover for delivery of goods on a multi drop basis. 

What does Amazon Flex provide a courier?

Amazon does not employ any couriers as employees. They only hire self-employed couriers and classify them as part of their Amazon Flex department in their business plan. The pay is advertised as being the same as Hermes, which is £10 to £15 an hour. The courier who wants to work for Amazon Flex is required to provide their own class 3 self employed courier insurance policy before they can be hired.

To work as a courier for Hermes, Amazon or any other firm, you must have at minimum Third Party Only commercial class 3 hire for reward insurance. The biggest difference on the surface between Hermes and Amazon is that Hermes will help you get coverage, while with Amazon it will be your sole responsibility to get self employed courier insurance.

Getting into the booming courier business sector can be a daunting task. To assist you, there are these helpful pages that explain car courier insurance and courier goods in transit insurance.  View a selection of our guides below.

Compare self employed courier insurance

Multiquotetime works in partnership with Quote Zone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. These specialist brokers will provide you with a range of self-employed courier insurance quotes for your specific business requirements.

Self-employed Courier FAQ's

Is it worth being a self employed courier?

Becoming a self employed courier will pay rewards in the long term, but in the short term you will need to invest time and money building up your business, but this is true of any small business venture. 

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