Insure My Van Hire (IMVH)

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Last updated April 2023 by Editorial Team

The good news is that insure my van hire offer a product that has zero excess. This makes them stand out from the other UK providers of van hire excess cover, as you will see in our table below, they offer van rental excess cover from £10.99 per day.  Whilst the van insurance company will have taken out a pay as you go self drive hire insurance fleet policy, they will still hold you liable for an excess amount should you cause damage to the rental van  

ProviderExcess Cover LimitExcess on ExcessDrivers AgeFrom per Day
Insuremyvanhire£6,500 Full Cover21-85 inclusive£10.99
ReducemyExcess£7,000Full Cover£12
icarhireinsurance£2000 £100 - £200£13.99
Questor£2,500£20021-84 inclusive£6.33

Temporary Van Insurance

If you choose to borrow a van from a friend for a short period of time, it is now easy to get temp 24 hour van insurance or longer. This will protect the no claim's history of the actual van owner should be involved in an accident in the van.

What is Included with Insuremy van hire excess 

  • Loss or damage to the glass elements, roof, tyres and underbody
  • The excess on damage and theft up to a maximum of £6,500 cover in total
  • Misfuelling and car key cover – each up to £500 per claim
  • Cover for up to seven additional drivers (so long as they’re named in your rental agreement)
  • Cover can be extended up to a maximum of 60 consecutive days

What is NOT Included with Insuremy van hire policy

  • Policies purchased after the collection of your rental vehicle
  • Trucks, commercial vehicles and vans with an unloaded weight of more than 3.5 Tonnes
  • Damage to the interior or contents of the van
  • Cover for vans hired outside the UK or the Isle of Man

Dos Insuremyvan offer an annual Van Hire Excess policy?

Unlike car hire excess in which it is easy to purchase annual cover for car rentals anywhere in the world, this is not the case with van rental. No provider currently provides annual cover, cover is on a daily basis. The cover can be extended to a maximum of 60 days only   

What is the procedure at the van rental pickup depot

You will need to produce a credit card in the name of the lead driver. This will be swiped for the full local excess amount that applies for the rental company and the van category. You should decline the rental provider local car excess insurance, no need to produce your insuremyvanhire policy. If the rental company for something that is covered in the policy, example damage to a window, you will be able to submit a claim to insuremyvan for full reimbursement.

FAQ Section

Can I insure the excess on a hired van or minibus?

Insuremyvan only provide cover for van hire excess. The van must be for private use, example moving house. It can not be for commercial use, example used by a courier business. It is not suitable for campervans or vans that exceed 3.5 tonnes. Also excluding are vans with a market value over£50,000 or vans that are 10 years old. We can provide you with quotes for minibus excess cover with Questor.

What are Insuremyvan age limits?

Age limits with insuremyvan are age 21 to 85, inclusive. 

How to claim on your van hire excess policy?

If an incident does happen the rental company will deduct the amount from your card, and you will need to claim direct on your policy. The process is fairly easy, but you need to keep all receipts given to you by your van rental hire company

Am I eligible to apply Insuremyvan?

For Insuremyvan the following eligibility criteria currently apply

  • Driver must be 18 or over and  85 or under old AND be a permanent resident of the UK or NI.
  • Hold a driving licence recognised and valid for the country of travel.
  • Rental van or minibus must not exceed 7.5 tonnes and a maximum value £75,000.
  • The vehicle being hired (van or minibus) must be under 20 years old.

How can I contact Insuremyvan?

They can be contacted on 0344 892 1770

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Rental Excess Quotes By Vehicle Category

ProviderVehicleExcess Cover LimitExcess on ExcessDrivers AgeFrom per Day
InsuremyvanhireVan £6,500 Full Cover21-85 inclusive£10.99
QuestorCampervan £7,000Full Cover£12
QuestorMinibus£2000 £100 - £200£13.99
QuestorCar (Worldwide )£2,500£20021-84 inclusive£6.33

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