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Common Van Driver Convictions

A van driver can be guilty of any of the traffic offences that normal car drivers are subject to. These include the following:

  • BA10 driving while disqualified
  • CD10 careless driving
  • CU80 inadequate control of vehicle
  • DD40 dangerous driving
  • DR10 drink driving
  • DG10 drug driving
  • IN10 driving while uninsured
  • MS90 failure to produce identification documents
  • SP30 going over the speed limit
  • TT99 totting ban for 12 points in 3 years

As well as driving offences, other offences will also negatively impact your premium, but often less so than a driving offence. Insurance underwriters will try to assess what type of driver you are from the information they have, and a conviction will play a large role in that. General offences show that you have a history of rule breaking, while driving convictions show that your driving skills and road behaviour have not been up to scratch.

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Cost Of Insurance For Convicted Van Drivers

When a driver of a car or van receives a conviction, their insurance premium will always go up. That’s due, as mentioned before, to the insurer’s changed perception of the driver. The insurance premium is based on many factors, but convictions can raise the premium by anywhere from around 15% for three penalty points to over 100% increase for most bannable convictions. Other factors will come into play when determining the effect of the conviction on the premium, but a rule of thumb is that the more serious the conviction, the greater the premium increase.

Declaring Van Driving Convictions And Non-Disclosure

When it comes to dealing with a new conviction on your existing insurance policy, it’s important to remember that the insurer must be notified, and the policy must be updated as soon as the conviction is received. A failure to notify the insurer within a reasonable timeframe can lead to the policy being void under non-disclosure.

All convictions must be disclosed to an insurer on an application for a new policy up until the date that the conviction becomes spent; at which point the conviction need not be mentioned unless specifically asked for by the insurer. This is generally more than 4 years after the date of the conviction.

How To Reduce The Premium Of Van Insurance After A Conviction?

1. Get a smaller, less powerful van - All vans will fall into one of 50 insurance groups. These groups are determined by lots of factors, such as weight, size, engine, performance, security, and safety features. The insurance group will often be shown on the van ad, or can be found online, and the lower the insurance group, the lower the convicted driver insurance premium will be.

2. Reduce your mileage - If you drive across the country on motorways every day you can expect to pay a lot more on your insurance premium than if you are using the van for local jobs and short journeys. If you make a plan to cut down on the use of the van, you can give a lower mileage estimate on your policy application and this will be reflected in your insurance quote.

3. Up the security - The insurer will always ask you on an application about the environment that your van is kept. If you keep it on a busy road, the van is more likely to get a scratch, or become a target for theft, whereas if the van’s in a garage, or you have cameras in the front garden, the van will be much less of a target, and the insurer will give you a better rate.

4. Add a named driver - Often people assume that another driver will increase the cost of the insurance premium, but often it can have the opposite effect. If two people use the car, neither can use it too much, and so the chances of a crash are reduced. This is especially useful if you have a conviction, as a second driver that is more experienced with a better record, will make the application less of a risk for the insurer. This is the same for younger drivers.

5. Get your ban shortened - If your ban is more than two years from the conviction date, the convicted has the right to appeal to the courts to have the ban shortened or suspended if their situation has changed, so it would be necessary or highly convenient to start driving again. This can be in light of a new job, disabled family member, or other considerable change.

6. Compare Quotes - Spend time researching all the available options and seek out brokers that deal exclusively in convicted insurance, as some time they can provide the best deals.

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