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Compare any driver van insurance

Any driver van insurance is a popular product for commercial businesses. The flexibility of any driver van insurance policy enables you to quickly appoint another driver if your key driver or any of your drivers become unavailable. The downside is that it will increase your insurance premium. You should compare the market to find the best deal currently being offered in the van insurance marketplace.

Any driver or named driver

The named driver insurance policy normally permit you to name 1 to 4 drivers per vehicle. If this is sufficient simple leave the default to named drivers and your quotes will work out cheaper than any driver option.

Does any driver van insurance come with stipulations?

The answer is yes, brokers will define any driver in terms of age, for example, must be over 25. They can also stipulate that any driver must have held a UK license for at least 1 year. These conditions will vary slightly so take time to read and understand and limitations imposed. All drivers should also know the current laws when driving a van including weight and speed limits.

How to reduce the costs of any driver van insurance

Like any vehicle insurance policy, the age of the driver has a large influence on the premium price that will be quoted. Young drivers under 25 are classed as a high risk. By excluding young drivers the premium for any driver will be reduced. Other ways to get the best deal on any driver van insurance include;

  • Keeping your van in a secure overnight parking building or lot.
  • Add industry approved security gadgets such as immobilizers or a tracking device.
  • Exclude policy items that are not required, for example, travel to Europe if not needed.
  • If not too late take into account the van insurance groups when making your van purchase. Reviewing the best small courier van can be helpful.
  • Avoid modifications to the van. The only modification that will lower the cost of the premium will be when a business is advertised on the side of it. All other modifications will increase the premium costs. If your van is modified then you will need modified van insurance.
  • For a business with more than one van, the use of multi van fleet insurance should be considered.

Compare any driver van insurance costs online

We are a comparison site that can help you find quotes from over 40 van insurance brokers in both the UK and NI. Simply select the start your quote button and complete an inquiry form and get access to these quotes. You can browse and bookmark any that look attractive. You can complete the transaction instantly or bookmark to return later. Finding cheap any driver van insurance is not easy, but getting multiple quotes is one step in the right direction.

Compare any driver van insurance