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Business van insurance 3.5t and below, You could save up to £492* Covering drivers aged between 21 - 84

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Any driver van insurance is a popular product for commercial businesses. The flexibility of any driver van insurance policy enables you to quickly appoint another driver if your key driver or any of your drivers become unavailable. The downside is that it will increase your insurance premium. You should compare the market to find the best deal currently being offered in the van insurance marketplace.

any driver van insurance

What is any driver van insurance? 

This is a policy that lets a van be driven by multiple drivers.  The drivers that are permitted to drive the vehicle can be added must meet the conditions of an any driver policy. These conditions typically limit drivers to being over 25 with a minimum of one year driving experience. These conditions will vary from broker to broker, so please check policy details or ask the broker. 

Multi van any driver insurance

Multi van any driver is available as a form of fleet van insurance, click here to get a quote or read more on multi van insurance with any driver options

Any driver or named driver

The named driver insurance policy normally permits you to name 1 to 4 drivers per vehicle. If this is sufficient, simply leave the default to named drivers and your quotes will work out cheaper than any driver option.

Advantages of any driver van insurance

As the name implies, in this type of cover, the van can be legally driven by any qualified driver that is given permission. Any diver does not always equate to any age. Young drivers under 25 are in a higher risk category than drivers over 25, and most brokers will exclude these from any driver policies to keep premiums reasonable. 

If you have young drivers, speak with your broker as often they can be covered under a separate named policy, so it does not impact the cost of an any driver policy. Similarly, drivers that are just qualified with limited driving experience may also be excluded as again new drivers are in a higher risk of accident category.

For a business that relies on of a fleet as part of their business, example a delivery service, an any driver policy will save time on arranging cover for new drivers. This along  with easy driver vehicle allocation can outweigh the extra cost of this policy type.

Did you know?  You must inform your broker of any van modifications, however basic.

Does any driver van insurance come with stipulations?

The answer is yes, brokers will define any driver in terms of age, for example, must be over 25. They can also stipulate that any driver must have held a UK licence for at least 1 year. These conditions will vary slightly, so take time to read and understand any limitations imposed. All drivers should also know the current laws when driving a van, including weight and speed limits.

Hire and reward van insurance

If you use your van delivering goods, you will need specialist hire and reward van insurance. This is slight more expensive than standard business van insurance. Van couriers are seen as higher risk, they tend to work within tight time constraints and provide their service regardless of weather conditions.

How to reduce the costs of any driver van insurance

Like any vehicle insurance policy, the age of the driver has a large influence on the premium price that will be quoted. Young drivers under 25 are classed as a high risk. By excluding young drivers, the premium for any driver van insurance UK will be reduced. Other ways to get the best deal on any driver van insurance include;

  • Keeping your van in a secure overnight parking building or lot. Premiums are based o a large extent on the risk of your van being stolen or damaged. If you can provide safe overnight parking, the broker will see this in a positive light, and you should be rewarded with a slightly cheaper premium. Adding additional industry approve tracking and immobilisers should help further reduce the premium quoted. 
  • Excess : Can you burden a higher excess in return for a cheaper premium? Increasing the excess equates to being more responsible and taking some risk from the broker. Work with your broker to see if you can both come to some arrangement for a higher excess for a lower premium.
  • Exclude policy items that are not required, for example, travel to Europe or replacement vehicle if not needed.
  • Low Insurance Van Groups : If not too late, take into account the van insurance groups when making your van purchase. Reviewing the best small courier van can be helpful.
  • Avoid modifications to the van. The only modification that will lower the cost of the premium will be when a business is advertised on the side of it. All other modifications will increase the premium costs. If your van is modified, then you will need modified van insurance.
  • Multi Van Insurance : For a business with more than one van, the use of multi van fleet insurance should be considered. A fleet policy for multiple vans should be more cost effective. This type of policy provides a discount as new vehicles are added to the policy. Apart from making admin easier, it should provide overall savings. However, this is not always the case, and it is wise to compare the costs against the traditional one van one policy route.  
  • Black Box: Adding a Black Box can help reduce future premiums, if the data collected shows that you fall in to a lower risk category. Adding a Black Box can also drive up your premium if the data shows that you drive badly or that you drive mostly at night as examples. You will need to weigh up the pros and cons of insurance with or without a black box. 

Van insurance for any driver over 25

You can save money on any driver van insurance by limiting the policy to over 25 with an agreed minimum number of years driving experience. Because you have removed under 25  drivers your risk will be lowered which will be reflected in your annual premium.

Catering Van Insurance

Catering vans need a special cover, sometimes referred to as catering van insurance. For an insurance quote for a catering van, please follow this link. 

Private use vs commercial use 

If you use your van for private use and do not require cover for expensive tools or providing a hire and reward service if the van was providing a courier service.

Who provides any driver van insurance in the UK?

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The comparison site can help you compare quotes from over 100 van insurance brokers in both the UK and NI. Simply select the GET QUOTES button and complete an inquiry form to get access to these quotes. You can browse and bookmark any that look attractive. You can complete the transaction instantly or bookmark to return later. Finding cheap any driver van insurance is not easy, but getting multiple quotes is one step in the right direction.

*51% of consumers could save £491.91 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from January 2023. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances.

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