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Guide To Citroën Berlingo Van Insurance

Citroën's Berlingo van has a rich history from its introduction in 1996. Originally built alongside the Peugeot Partner, the Berlingo quickly became a best-seller due to its integrated load volume, and the first-generation model survived until 2014 in some markets.

Citroën Berlingo Insurance Groups

When it comes to Citroën Berlingo van insurance groups, various factors come into play to determine the cost of insurance. The van insurance groupings are based on factors like engine size, build quality, costs to repair, and other factors:

  • Citroën Berlingo: The Citroën Berlingo van engines range in size from 1360 to 1997CC. The Berlingo's less powerful variant falls into the lowest insurance group, making it one of the cheapest vans to insure.
  • Other Citroën Vans: Citroën offers a range of choices with each model, and the smaller and lighter variants usually fall into lower insurance groups.

Citroën Berlingo van

Vans registered pre January 2016 the Trafic falls into groups (2 - 7), later models with registration date after 2016 are in groups 25-47.

Citroën Berlingo Popular Van Models Include:

  • Citroën Berlingo Van (First Generation): It features a boxy design with a spacious cargo area, making it popular for commercial use.
  • Citroën Berlingo Van: It is a follow-up version of the first generation, which received updates to its exterior styling, interior features, and engine options compared to the previous generation.
  • Citroën Berlingo Van (Third Generation): This model offers improved fuel efficiency, advanced technology features, and enhanced safety systems compared to its predecessors.
  • Citroën Berlingo Electric Van: The ë-Dispatch model features an electric drivetrain, making it an eco-friendly option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why registration year can impact the cost of van insurance 

The age of your van will determine which insurance group it falls into. Vans manufactured before 2016 fall into groups 1-20, while vans registered after 2016 fall into groups 21-50. 

  • Van manufactured before 2016 fall into groups (1-20)
  • Vans registered after 2016 fall into groups (21-50)

The higher the van is placed in a particular group, the higher the cost of insurance. The group allocation is managed by a governing panel that includes the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyds Market Association (LMA).

Did you know?  Van registered after 2016 fall into insurance groups 21 to 50, group 21 is the cheapest and 50 is the most expensive.

What category of van is the Citroën Berlingo?

The Citroën Berlingo van falls into the category of light commercial vehicles (LCV), which are designed to serve as panel vans or passenger multi-purpose vehicles with the option of rear seats and windows. Factors contributing to the categorisation include:

  • Price of replacement parts
  • Average accident damage repair costs.
  • Security features 
  • Engine size and van body size
ModelBody TypeVan registered before 2016 Insurance GroupingGroupings if van registered 2016 or after
Citroën Berlingo Van (First Generation)Mini-van, van10 - 1821-33
Citroën Berlingo VanPanel van, Cargo van3 - 12
Citroën Berlingo Van Enterprise vanVan2 - 921-33
Citroën Berlingo Electric VanCompact electric van10 - 1821-33

All Van Sizes Big or small, personal or company

  • Small vans or 3.5-tonne trucks: The range of models includes the Citroën Berlingo, Citroën Berlingo Electric Van, Ford Transit (short and long-wheelbase), Luton vans, Mercedes Citan, Mercedes Sprinter, Daihatsu Van, Peugeot Partner, Renault Trafic Van, Vauxhall Vivaro, VW Crafter, and VW Transporter.
  • Any-driver insurance
  • Carriage of own goods
  • Carriage for hire or reward.
  • Courier van insurance

Did you know?  You must inform your broker of any modifications you make to your Citroen Berlingo van, however basic.

Courier Van Insurance

For a Citroën Berlingo Van, if you deliver goods, you'll need special insurance called courier van insurance. It costs a bit more than regular business van insurance. Couriers are considered riskier because they often work under tight schedules and deliver in all weather conditions.

Is insurance available for my converted Citroën Berlingo campervan?

Insurance options are available if you convert your converted Citroën Berlingo Van into a micro campervan. However, it's important to note that insuring a DIY converted van can be challenging and may require thorough documentation, speaking with local insurance agents, and potentially exploring niche insurance companies such as Caravan Guard Insurance for specific coverage.

How much does it cost to insure a Citroën Berlingo van each year?

Generally, the use of the van plays a significant role in determining the cost, with personal use usually being the cheapest, followed by business use. The most expensive is if the van is used for hire and reward as a courier van. For private van insurance, a budget of between £550–£800 is a reasonable expectation, while business and commercial usage may incur higher costs.

Who Provides Citroën Berlingo Van Insurance?

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Citroën Berlingo Van Insurance FAQ's

What type of Vans is Cover Available for

Insurance quotes are available for all van size categories including

  • Micro or minivans: an example is the first-generation Citroën Berlingo van which can be used to carry small loads or make small deliveries.
  • Medium: The second generation Citroën Berlingo van which is a follow-up of the first is an example of a medium-sized van.
  • Large/Box: The Citroën Berlingo enterprise van is the largest as it is much bigger than other variants.

Which Citroen Berlingo van is the Cheapest to insure?

This will generally be the most minor van, and in this case, the Citroën Berlingo van (first generation) being the smallest will work out.

Is insurance available for the Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric Van?

Yes insurance is available for the new Citroën ë-Dispatch Electric van plus e vans insurance for all makes and models.

*51% of consumers could save £590.37 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from August 2023. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances.

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