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Classic camper van insurance can be found when enlisting the help of an insurance specialist broker. They know which companies offer classic camper van cover that is tailored made to handle the needs of these older and often valuable vehicles. Multi Quote Time can help, by providing multiple quotes for classic camper van insurance within the UK (including Northern Ireland).

classic camper van insurance

What is a classic or antique camper van?

The terms classic and antique are not interchangeable when it comes to financially covering them for protection on the road and off. A classic camper van is one that is more than 20 years old since it was manufactured at the factory. An antique van is one that rolled off the assembly line 25 or more years ago.

Will a standard vehicle insurance policy cover a classic camper van?

Yes, a standard policy can be taken out for a classic van, but there will be clauses that most owners will not prefer in them.

  • If the van is involved in an accident and written off, the insurance company takes possession of the damaged van.
  • Since a classic camper can be more valuable than a more modern van or car, the premiums for coverage will be higher.
  • Most standard vehicle policies do not take into account the number of miles the vehicle will be used so a seldom used classic van will be treated the same as a commuter car would be.
  • Because it is a van could be classified as a commercial vehicle, the premium rates will be higher than a regular private vehicle policy.

What are the advantages of having a classic camper van insurance policy?

By having a tailor made classic camper van insurance policy, the vehicle will be protected in accordance to how the van is used, by who uses it and have the option of retaining possession after it is involved in an accident.

  • Many classic vans are not used on a daily or even weekly basis. Because of that, the annual mileage the van will be used for will be significantly lower than most other vehicles, which will lower the premium costs.
  • Most classic vans are owned and driven by the older portion of the population. These drivers generally have many decades of driving experience. This reduces the risk to the insurance broker which lowers the cost of the insurance premium.
  • Written into the policy the owner of the classic van can have it worded that if the van is written off they retain the salvage rights to the vehicle.
  • Set the value of the van with the insurance broker at the time the policy is taken out.

By taking out a classic van insurance policy, the owner of the old van can have the protection they need so they can enjoy their van for years to come and enjoy driving it when and where they need to. To help save money on this type of policy, most classic van owners are members of a classic van or car club. This type of membership might be recognised by the insurance company and the premium could be discounted since it is viewed as lowering the risk of the vehicle being involved in an accident.

To help you find the policy that fits your needs is this van insurance quotes link. If your van is customised then the modified van insurance page has the information you might want to know. For those looking for cheap van insurance for private use, this page will be beneficial to scan over.

Who provides classic camper van insurance?

Not all insurance companies will quote for classic van insurance, but it is worth checking with Direct Line Van Insurance, AXA, Tesco van Insurance and other high street providers of van insurance.

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