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Guide To Iveco Van Insurance

Iveco was founded in 1975 by merging different European brands. Since then, the company has grown to become a global leader in commercial vehicles. They design and manufacture a wide range of vehicles, from vans and trucks to buses and speciality models. They boast of an extensive reach, with manufacturing plants worldwide and sales & service outlets in over 160 countries.

Iveco Van Insurance Groups

Iveco Daily vans fall into a higher range for van insurance groups, typically between 14 and 18. This translates to potentially more expensive insurance compared to smaller vans. The reason for the variation within this range and the higher overall grouping is due to two factors:

  • Multiple variations: The Iveco Daily comes in various sizes and engine options. Lighter and smaller Daily models will have lower insurance group numbers within this 14-18 range.
  • Generally higher grouping for vans: Vans themselves are typically placed in higher insurance groups than cars due to the potential for higher repair costs and a perceived more significant risk of accidents. 
  • To get an accurate quote for your specific Iveco Daily, it's best to consult directly with an insurance provider. They can consider details like the model year, engine type, and driving history to determine the exact insurance group.

Iveco van

Vans registered pre January 2016 the Trafic falls into groups (2 - 7), later models with registration date after 2016 are in groups 25-47.

Popular Iveco Van Models Include:

  • Iveco Daily: The Iveco Daily is a light commercial vehicle available in a variety of body styles, including panel vans, crew vans, minibuses, and chassis cabs. It is known for its durability, versatility, and comfortable driving experience. The Daily is available in a wide range of weight options, starting from 3.5 tonnes and going up to 7.0 tonnes. It is also available in a variety of wheelbase lengths and roof heights so that you can find the perfect van for your needs.
  • Iveco eDaily: The eDaily is an electric version of the Daily, offering all of the same benefits as the diesel model but with zero emissions. It is a great option for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact. The Iveco Daily and eDaily are both popular choices for businesses of all sizes. They are reliable, versatile, and comfortable to drive, making them a great option for a variety of applications.

Why registration year can impact the cost of van insurance 

The age of your van determines its insurance group. Vans made before 2016 are in groups 1 to 20, while those made after are in groups 21 to 50. Newer Iveco vans might have expensive parts and rely more on technology, which can make insurance costlier than older models. However, these newer vans often have better safety features, leading to fewer accidents and keeping insurance hikes reasonable.

  • Van manufactured before 2016 fall into groups (1-20)
  • Vans registered after 2016 fall into groups (21-50)

The higher the group your van is in, the more expensive the insurance. Groups are decided by a panel that includes the Association of British Insurers (ABI) and Lloyds Market Association (LMA).

Did you know?  Van registered after 2016 fall into insurance groups 21 to 50, group 21 is the cheapest and 50 is the most expensive.

What category of van is the Iveco van?

Insurance companies consider several things when figuring out your van insurance category:

  • Repair Costs: How much would it cost to fix your van if it gets damaged? Vans with expensive parts or complex repairs will be in higher categories.
  • Security Features: Does your van have alarms, immobilisers, or other anti-theft tech? Extra security features can lower your insurance category. 
  • Engine Size & Van Size: Bigger engines and bigger vans can cause more damage in accidents and might be more expensive to fix. This can put them in higher categories.
ModelBody TypeVan registered before 2016 Insurance GroupingGroupings if van Registered 2016 or after
Iveco DailyPickup truck, Van, Minibus10 - 1825 - 49
Iveco eDailyPickup truck, Van, Minibus10 - 1825 - 49

All Van Sizes Big or small, personal or company

Vans vary in size to meet different needs, whether for personal or business use. Here's a breakdown of the standard sizes:

  • Small Vans: These are great for city driving and tight spaces. They are often used by florists, gardeners, or for personal errands like grocery runs. They offer about 1.7 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width, and 1.2 metres in height, with a payload of 500kg to 900kg. Examples include the Citroën Berlingo or Peugeot Partner.
  • Medium Vans: Popular with tradespeople and small delivery companies, these vans offer more space than small vans. They're around 2.4 metres long, 1.7 metres wide, and 1.4 metres high, with a payload of 800-1200 kg. They can seat up to three people.
  • Large Vans: These are for big moves or bulky deliveries. They're suitable for removal companies or contractors, offering up to 11.3 cubic metres of space and handling payloads of up to 1500kg. While they can seat three people, they're less manoeuvrable due to their size.
  • Passenger Vans: Designed to transport people, these are used as shuttles or taxis. They can seat 12 to 15 passengers, with some models offering up to 17 seats. Though they have some cargo space, it's usually limited compared to cargo vans.

More Than One Iveco Van?

If you have more than one van or a mix of vans, cars, or trucks, consider getting multi-van insurance. This policy covers all your vehicles. If you have a single truck, then IVECO Truck insurance quotes are available from the panel of truck insurance providers that we have access to.

Did you know?  You must inform your broker of any modifications you make to your Iveco van, however basic.

Courier Van Insurance

Regular business van insurance won't cut it if you use your van to deliver things for a living. That's where courier van insurance comes in. It's a bit more expensive because courier driving is considered more risky. Couriers often have to make deliveries quickly, which can lead to risky driving. Also, most couriers operate in all weather conditions, so they face more challenging driving situations.

Is insurance available for my converted Iveco campervan?

Regular van insurance might not provide enough coverage for your converted camper. To protect the special features you've added, like beds and cabinets, as well as your belongings, you'll need RV insurance. Look for a Class B motorhome policy, which typically covers the conversion of your belongings, exterior damage, accidents, and theft. However, coverage specifics can vary, so be sure to review the policy details carefully. Also, make sure to inform your insurance provider about all modifications to ensure proper coverage.

How much does it cost to insure a Iveco van each year?

The price of Iveco Van Insurance changes based on how you use it. It's usually cheaper for personal use, pricier for business use, and costliest for using it as a courier van for hire and reward. Remember, insurers look at different things before giving a price. They consider factors like the driver's age, experience, and past claims when figuring out the insurance cost. That's why it's crucial to compare quotes from different insurers before getting any van insurance.

Who Provides Iveco Van Insurance?

ProviderMaximum Vehicle WeightGet Free Multiple Quotes
Post Office 3.5tCompare Now
AXA3.5tCompare Now
TESCO 3.5tCompare Now
Llyods 3.5tCompare Now
Gladiator 3.5tCompare Now
Swinton 3.5tCompare Now

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Iveco Van Insurance FAQ's

What type of Vans is Cover Available for

Insurance quotes are offered for all sizes of vans, including:

  • Micro or minivans: These are suitable for carrying small loads or making deliveries.
  • Medium/Panel: Vans designed for work purposes or as minibuses fall into this category. Sometimes, the load area or passenger area is connected to the cab.
  • Large/Box: These vans have a significantly larger cargo area than medium vans, and the load area is separate from the cab.

Which Iveco van is the Cheapest to insure?

The cost of insuring an Iveco van depends on several factors beyond the model itself. However, smaller-engined versions might be cheaper to insure.

Is insurance available for the Iveco Electrical E-Tech Range of Vans?

We can connect you with a team of experts in electric van insurance who can offer customised quotes for Iveco's electric van lineup, including the Iveco eDaily.

*51% of consumers could save £590.37 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from August 2023. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances.

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