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With multi van insurance, 2 or more business vans can be insured under one policy. Sometimes Fleet insurance can work out cheaper than separate polices, but not all the time. As such, also get individual quotes and compare. In general, the reduced costs of the policies are due in part to the discounts given for having more than one policy with a single insurance firm. Please note, cars can also be included in multi van and car insurance policy.

multi van fleet insurance uk

A business multi van insurance policy is an umbrella type of policy in which several other policies are held under it to represent the individual vehicles being protected. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with Quote Zone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. To get multiple quotes, select GET A QUOTE button above and provide basic information to a panel of UK brokers. 

Who can drive the vehicles under a multi van policy?

  • The policy can be limited to named drivers only. This is a standard type of vehicle insurance policy.
  • If you need more flexibility in allocating drivers to vans, then you can opt for a multi van insurance any driver policy. An any driver multi van policy can be restricted or limited to exclude high risk drivers. For example, any driver over 25 with 2 years no claims history and held a licence for at least 3 year. Adding these type of restrictions is common and will help to reduce the cost of the policy.

How many vehicles can be covered with a business multi insurance van policy?

This type of policy is designed for any size business, the number of vehicles can range from a few to many. The multi van insurance policy can also be for a single person who owns and drives more than one van. 

What type of coverage will the vehicles have?

The choice of what level of insurance each vehicle will have is the decision of the owner. The available options include;

  • Third Party : This road risk cover is the minimum legal requirement and only covers the third party costs. 
  • Third Party Fire and Theft : A step-up providing additional cover for fire and theft.
  • Full Comprehensive : Provides cover to both you and any third party

While each vehicle can have the same level of coverage, it is not required.

The choice of add-ons is also the choice of the vehicle owner. This makes it possible for one or all of the vehicles to be covered with breakdown insurance, lost key replacement and or windscreen protection.

Can I exclude some drivers from an any driver multi van insurance policy? 

Most brokers are flexible in arranging cover. You may choose an any driver policy, but only for drivers that are over 25. This approach will  be cheaper than, for example, an any driver over 21 policy, as the risk is reduced. Drivers under 25 or young drivers could possibly be added as named drivers only.  

How can I reduce the costs of business multi van insurance?

Lowering the cost of business multi van insurance quotes entails taking steps to lower your risk in the eyes of the insurance broker. If you pose a lower risk, you should be rewarded with a lower quote.

  • Security: Ask yourself, can you lower the likelihood of your vans being stolen. Can you provide secure overnight parking? Can you add tracking devices that are insurance approved? Consider these questions and also speak with your broker for further advice on improving your van fleet security. 
  • Drivers: Drivers are not all good and some are seen as high risk.  Drivers under 25 are just statistically a high risk. Driver that are over 25 can still pose a risk, before employing a driver it would be prudent to check their driving history. A history of claims will impact your multi van insurance premium negatively. 
  • Training : Accidents happen, if you notice a trend consider the cause and implement training or take action to promote a higher degree of driver responsibility. Example, award drivers that do not make claims. Maybe extreme, but you could make drivers responsible for the vehicle excess amount or a percentage of. 
  • The excess amount : the amount you or the business will take responsibility for in any claim. Increasing this will normally reduce your annual policy. Speak with your broker on this option.
  • Over 25 : Policies that are strictly over 25 will be cheaper than an over 21 policy. Remember, you may be able to separate out the higher risk drivers as named only drivers. So you may opt for any driver multi van policy that stipulates that all drivers must be over 25 and under 75. Drivers that do not qualify or meet these conditions could be added as named drivers.
  • Named Only: Type of policy, named, or any driver and driver restriction imposed in the policy.
  • Multiple Quotes : Like any purchase, you will need to do some upfront research to help find the best quote that meets your requirements and is also affordable. 

Who offers multi van insurance UK?

Most UK insurance brokers now offer van insurance for more than 1 van, often referred to as multi van insurance. For your reference, Admiral multi van insurance and other leading UK brokers that offer this product plus the relevant URL are listed below. Please note, they will also offer multi car insurance, aimed at small families or a small business startup.

ProviderGet Free Multiple Quotes
Aviva Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now
Direct Line Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now
Admiral Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now
Tesco Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now
LV Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now
Axa Multi Van InsuranceCompare Now

What is the renewal date for a multi van insurance policy?

The renewal dates will be one year from the time the policy is signed. The payments can be annually or monthly. Some insurance firms will prorate a policy so all of them will have the same renewal date if the vehicle owners request this. They can also be different if desired. The advantage of having the same renewal date is all vehicles can be covered with just one payment, also saving on administration time.

A multi van insurance policy may be the easiest way to cover all your company vans and can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. If you are a startup van courier business, for example, it will be easy to additional vehicles as your operations grow.  

Multi Van Insurance FAQ's

I operate a small courier business - can I get a small fleet policy?

Fleet insurance is a flexible product and can be tailored to your business needs. Small business fleet insurance, sometimes referred to as mini fleet insurance, which is aimed at a growing business or a start up.

Can I insure 2 Vans on one policy?

This is normally acceptable as long as some preconditions are met. These include no money or reward changing hands except for fuel costs. If you provide this as a paying service, you will need additional insurance, termed hire and reward van insurance.

What type of discount is provided for having a multi van insurance policy?

The idea behind a fleet policy is to reduce your overall insurance costs. In most cases, this type of policy should work out cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually. It is standard to be provided with some form of discount if and when you add additional vehicles to your base policy. This should be negotiated with your broker in advance.

Will a no claims discount be affected if a claim is made on one of the vehicles?

The no claim discount is  earned by making few or no claims. It is initially granted when no claims are made in a year. With each additional year of no claims, the discount amount should rise.

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