Daily and 24 Hour Van Insurance

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A Guide To Daily Van and 24 Hour Insurance

A tempcover van Insurance policy is designed to help those needing the use of a van for a short period of time. The policy issued will be a comprehensive policy that will protect you and the owner of the van. Temporary policies are great if you only require temp cover, and more cost effective than taking out a 12-month policy. Please take note that temporary convicted van driver insurance is not available.

temp one day van insurance

Cheap Temporary Van Insurance Providers Include Aviva, RAC and AA

The market for temporary van insurance has grown rapidly as more and more customers take advantage of this flexible and cheap option for temporary van protection. In the beginning only a few specialist brokers offer this option now the big players that include Aviva short term car insurance, RAC and the AA all offer cover for cars or vans on a temporary basis.  While each insurer might have their own restrictions, the industry average is for coverage from 1 to 84 days. There are some insurance companies that also issue this type of policy for just 1 hour.

Go Shorty Temporary Van Insurance Features 

  • Comprehensive cover
  • Get an online quote and choose your options
  • Just pay online and you are instantly insured!
  • Drivers aged 21 to 75
  • Low Excess
  • Protect the van owner’s No Claims Discount
  • Daily and Hourly van insurance available

Did you know?  All van insurance policies offered by GoShorty are fully comprehensive

Flexible Short Term Van Insurance

The term of the van insurance with Go Shorty is flexible, it can range from hourly van insurance, to 24 hour van insurance. If you need for longer, then available of the weekly or monthly short term van insurance options. We have highlighted some of the more popular insurance terms for tempcover van 

Hourly van insurance

This is the perfect product to test drive a van that you are thinking of purchasing. If one hour is not enough, simple extend to 24 hours or even a weekend.

24h van insurance

24 hours may be enough time to complete a house move or move in some new large items of furniture with the use of a borrowed van. Having a van for 1 day should also give you enough time to see it would meet with any commercial requirements you may be considering  

3 Day Van Insurance

Maybe your house move is in another region of the UK, and the distance and number of trips make this term of van cover the best choice over shorter term periods.  

5 and 7 Day Van Insurance

If you operate a business, and you need a replacement business van whilst your own vehicle is getting repaired, ten weekly van insurance will let you centime with your business activities without losing any potential earnings.

1 Month Van Insurance

This may be suitable if your business is seasonal, and you need an additional van for a short period to help cope with the surge in demand. In such a case, short term monthly van insurance could be a better and more cost effective solution over  an annual policy. 

When Would You Need Tempcover Van Insurance?

The use of tempcover van Insurance is for when you need to borrow or rent a van to haul something. Under UK law all vehicles on the road must have motor vehicle insurance and the temporary insurance fills this requirement. 

One Day Van Insurance and Driving in Europe

The policy provided by GoShorty includes the legal minimum for driving in Europe. However, for an additional premium, they can provide you with fully comprehensive European cover. This can be added during the checkout stage. One stipulation is that the journey must start and end within the UK.

What Do I Need to Apply for Tempcover Van Insurance?

Items you must submit to the insurance company include the following;

  • Your name and address.
  • A copy of your driver’s license.
  • Your driving history. Most insurance companies only issue this type of coverage to drivers with no accidents or tickets in the past 3 years.
  • The details of the van you want to insure including its age, mileage and condition of it.
  • The time and date you want the coverage to begin and end.
  • The full payment of the premium.

What are the Benefits of Temporary Van Insurance?

The benefit comes with the flexibility this type of cover can offer regarding the term of the van insurance. Other advantages short term van cover offer include: 

  • Any existing no claim's bonus that the van owner has accumulated will not be impacted as the insurance is a separate policy
  • Instant cover, the quote system comes with an option to start the cover immediately should all conditions be met and payment made, great for emergences..
  • Low excess, when comparing with other providers of short term van cover, take note and compare  the excess amount
  • 24/7 Cover is available 24/7 online with instance confirmation and documentation. 
  • Comprehensive Cover Only :  Why take a risk of being out of pocket, especially if you are not used to driving vans. Comprehensive cover will pay out to cover any damage to the borrowed vehicle or property damage caused in an accident,

What Type of Coverage Will Be Provided

There are two types of policies being issued to those purchasing temporary van Insurance. This includes full comprehensive insurance in the UK and third party only in the EU. There is also full comprehensive insurance in both the UK and EU.

What Type of Van Can I use with the Daily Van Insurance?

You can use any type of van you have a driving licence to operate. For small vans, a regular car licence is sufficient. For the 3.5 tonne vans, you will need a special licence to operate it legally and to get the insurance.

What Determines the Cost of Short Term Van Insurance?

The factors used to figure the cost of the premium for the tempcover van Insurance policy includes your age, driving history, number of claims you have made in the past, the vehicle's age, its condition, the mileage along with how far your destination is and for how long you need the coverage.

Every provider of temporary van insurance will stipulate different rules and regulations on what your policy covers you for and what is excluded. As such, always read the policy carefully to make sure that you abide by the conditions. Failing to do so will invalidate any claim that you make. In particular, check any age restrictions. 

Most brokers include clauses for young driver van insurance, and some stipulate the driver must be 25 or over and under 75. Another area to scrutinise relates to weight limits. Limits are usually 3.5 tonne on most vans and Light commercial vehicles. As always, read the small print before driving off and if unsure, speak with your broke.

Van Short Term FAQ's

Can I get van insurance for 1 day?

Minibus insurance is available for minivans that seat 9 - 17 passengers and MPV's with 6 to 8 Seats

What type of licence do I need?

Licence type for temporary van insurance : Full UK  or EU/EEA for at least 6 months if aged 18 to 25 (reduced to 3 months if aged over 25). NI licence is also acceptable.

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