Van insurance for young drivers

Van insurance for young drivers

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Van insurance for young drivers

The search for cheap van insurance for young drivers can be elusive for most unless you are knowledgeable on the subject. The reason is the view of a new driver by the insurance companies as high risk. Because of this elevated risk level, the premiums are higher unless you know how to counter that perspective.

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While the age of a driver is at the top of the list, it is not the only factor. All drivers under the age of 25 are categorized as young drivers and high risk. Also lumped into this group are new drivers who have just passed their driving test independent of their age.

Why young and new drivers are considered high risk?

When anyone does something for the first time they will have no experience at it. Even drivers that have gone through a driving course will have little to no real experience on the roads in the UK. Less experienced when they encounter an incident or hazard on the road, and they hesitate to think of what to do instead of reacting.

Inexperienced drivers take more risks because they do not fully understand the level of risk associated with many manoeuvres they make with their vehicle. Statistically more accidents involve younger and inexperienced drivers than older and more experienced drivers in the UK. This unknown fact of how safe are young drivers on the road causes the premiums to go up.

How do I reduce my risk factor as a young or inexperienced driver?

To help lower the cost of any driver van insurance, the young and inexperienced drivers must prove they are lower in risk than most others of their age.

  • By having a dashcam installed a young driver has direct visual evidence they are a safe driver. This evidence can be crucial if the driver is involved in an accident that is not their fault.
  • A black box installed on a vehicle is another way to prove a young driver is a low risk. This device provides the insurance agency with proof of your driving style, the speed at which you travel along with the actual time and mileage you are on the road.
  • Limiting the number of miles you will be operating the van on an annual basis.
  • Limiting the hours you are driving. Statically there is a higher rate of accidents involving young drivers on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Adding an immobilizer and or alarm to your vehicle making it more secure and reduce the chances of it being stolen.
  • Avoid modifications to the van for both performance and appearance.
  • Pay your premium annually.
  • Add an experienced driver to the policy as a secondary driver. The best type of additional driver would be one who already has No Claims Bonus status with the insurance company.

For a young and inexperienced driver finding the right level of van insurance coverage at a price, you can afford can be a complicated and tricky task. To assist you we have many independent insurance brokers ready and willing to help you.

Van breakdown cover is optional protection many owners take out, especially those who are working as couriers.

Start comparing van insurance for young drivers

Figure out your requirements include the need for a named driver only or any driver over 25. Select the start your quote button and enter some basic details and start receiving multiple quotes for young van drivers. For a business with 2 or more vans, we can provide comparative quotes for multi van insurance UK.

Van insurance for young drivers

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