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The search for cheap van insurance for young drivers can be elusive for most unless you are knowledgeable on the subject. The reason is the view of a new driver by the insurance companies as high risk. Because of this elevated risk level, the premiums are higher unless you know how to counter that perspective.

While the age of a driver is at the top of the list, it is not the only factor. All drivers under the age of 25 are categorised as young drivers and high risk. Also lumped into this group are new drivers who have just passed their driving test, independent of their age. New divers have limited experience, and this makes them a higher risk than experienced drivers. 

young driver van insurance

If you are in search for young driver car insurance, that lets you spread the cost over a 12 or month period, insurance offer a form of no deposit van insurance with monthly payments via direct debit. The first month's payment must be made before the policy can be activated, so it is a little misleading calling no deposit.

Why young and new drivers are considered high risk?

When anyone does something for the first time, they will have no experience at it. Even drivers that have gone through a driving course will have little to no real experience on the roads in the UK. Less experienced when they encounter an incident or hazard on the road, and they hesitate to think of what to do instead of reacting.

Inexperienced drivers take more risks because they do not fully understand the level of risk associated with many manoeuvres they make with their vehicle. Statistically, more accidents involve younger and inexperienced drivers than older and more experienced drivers in the UK. 

How do I reduce my risk factor as a young or inexperienced driver?

To help lower the cost of any driver van insurance, the young and inexperienced drivers must prove they are lower in risk than most others of their age.  The good news is that as you gain experience and build up a history of no claims, your young driver insurance will become more affordable. 

For a young driver or an inexperienced driver, finding the right level of van insurance coverage at a price, you can afford can be a complicated and tricky task. To assist you, we have access to a panel of independent insurance brokers ready and willing to help young drivers get affordable van insurance.


This technology is a popular choice with careful drivers and enables these drivers to show that whilst young, they are not typical and do drive with caution. The installation of the black box should be covered by the broker and must be fitted by an approved technician. Alternatives to the black box include apps that you can download to your phone and devices that simply plug into the car's USB port. They all perform the same task, monitor how the driver drives.


Modifications can, but do not always, increase the insurance premium. The broker will decide, failure to disclose any modification can invalidate your policy. If you have insurance in place, you must notify the broker prior to making any modification for approval. Younger drivers should avoid making any modifications that enhance the engine performance, including mapping and reprogramming.

Reduce risk of theft

If your van is stolen or damaged, the broker must pay out to cover these costs, which can be substantial. Taking steps to reduce the risk of theft is normally rewarded by a cheaper van insurance policy. Providing safe off-road parking overnight is one such step. Improving van security to both prevent theft and help trace the van if stolen should also be rewarded with a discount on the premium. Any devices fitted should be Thatcham Approved, as these items are expensive, take advice from your broker before purchase and installation.

Limit time on the road

Usage based insurance is gaining traction within the Commerical vehicle industry. Disrupting the traditional annual policy, usage based is calculated based on time driving or miles covered. So if you only  use your van occasionally, then you should benefit with a policy that is based on usage rather than a fixed term policy.

Insurance by the mile

By the mile insurance is growing in popularity for younger drivers, and van insurance by the mile should be considered if you are not using the van every day. New van drivers can pay just for the miles they drive, the product normally has a starting mile limit set normally at 500 miles and anything above you can pay as you go.

Limit policy extras

Look at any of the policy extras that may be included, do you need them all? If not, ask for their removal in return for a better quote. A good example is the provision of a courtesy van, some may feel this is unnecessary and are a happy  to pay for a hire van and cover the van hire excess if the need does arise.

The above suggestions should help lower the cost of your Van insurance. During the new driver period it is important to build a no claim's history as this is the key to getting cheap van insurance in the future, but in the interim work on the above suggestions as they will also have a big impact on your van insurance quotes.

Who provides van insurance for young drivers in the UK in 2021

Van breakdown cover is optional protection many owners take out, especially those who are working as couriers.

How old do you have to be to drive a van?

The age and rules for driving a van is a little more complicated  than driving a for car on the UK roads.

Light commercial vehicles – up to 3.5t (3,500kg)

You will need a full UK driving licence that permits you to drive a category B vehicle. With this you are okay for driving small lightweight vans that weight up to 3.5 tonnes.

Anything over this weight will require you to be at least 21 years old and have the correct driving certificates.


A minibus is defined as a vehicle that can seat between 9 and 16 passengers. To drive a van with passengers, you will need to over 21. For more information on minibus insurance visit our product page. 

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*51% of consumers could save £590.37 on their Van Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next four cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from August 2023. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances.

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