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How to use the VAT calculator

Two main VAT Rates currently exists in the UK Standard rate of 20% and reduced rate of 5%, this may change in the future, so we have made the calculator future proof and more flexible by letting the user enter the Value Added Tax Rate 

  • Add The price
  • Add the correct VAT rate 
  • Select Add or Remove VAT : If you wish to add VAT then Select Add VAT, to Remove VAT simply select Remove VAT

What formula to find ex vat price

With MultiQuoteTime reverse VAT calculator, you do not need to use a formula, simply enter the Price and select remove VAT to find the ex vat price.  

What are the Value Added Tax Rates in 2022? 

As of 2022 the standard  UK VAT rate is 20% and the reduced VAT rate is 5%.

What is VAT?

VAT also termed FST is a government tax on the sales of most UK goods and services.

Is VAT Calculated on net or gross?

The sales price normally excludes VAT (unless stated)  and is referred to as the Net price. To find the Gross price,  add the VAT percentage amount to to arrive  to the Net amount. This can be done manually or by using Multi Quote Time free VAT Calculator.

UK VAT Rate History

Date UK VAT Changes
4th January 2011The standard VAT rate is increased to current 20% and the reduced rate is set at 5%
1st January 2010The standard rate increased to 17.5% and a a new reduced rate of 7% was introduced
1st December 2008Stanadrd rate reduced by 15%
1st April 1991The VAT rate has been increased to 17.5%
18th June 1979VAT rate increased to 15%
29th July 1974VAT rate reduced to 8% but 25% fuel tax introduced
1st April 197310% Value Added Tax has been introduced in the UK
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