Calculate your Weekly and Monthly rent in the right way


Easily convert weekly rent to the equivalent monthly rent and monthly rental to weekly rent with our easy-to-use rent weekly to month rent calculator. Designed for both landlords and tenants

Let's begin by sating that converting from weekly to monthly is never the case of multiply the weekly rent by 4, that would be too easy. The calculation is a little bit more complicated, but fairly straightforward.

How to Calculate Monthly Rent from Weekly Rent

For Monthly to Weekly = Monthly =  ((weekly_amount*12)/365.25)*7

How to Calculate Weekly Rent from Monthly Rent

For Weekly to Monthly = Weekly = (monlthly_amount/7)*365.25)/12

In English in order to get the weekly rent, take the monthly rent and multiply it by 12, giving an annual rental amount. This is then divided by 365.25 which is the average number of days in a year. The average number of days includes leap years. Average number of days = (3365*3 +364 )/ 4  = 365.25

How we arrive at the average number of days per year

To get the average, we need to include the fact that a leap year will occur every 4 years.

Average number of days = (3365*3 + 364) / 4  = 365.25

The wrong way to derive monthly rent from weekly rent

Rent Per Week  x 52 / 12 = monthly rent

The simplistic approach is to multiply the weekly amount by 52 and divide by 12 this is clearly incorrect and can lead to a difference of a few pounds. 

Let's look at an example. Assume weekly rent is £100  this would then work out as follows:

100  x 52 / 12 =  433.33

The actual Monthly Rent using our calculator is  £434.82 NOT £433.33

Landlord Costs

If you are a landlord using our tool, you may also be interested in our article on the average cost of landlord insurance within the UK and the free insurance comparison service that is also available.

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