What is the maximum fine for driving without insurance

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Currently, no maximum fine exists for driving without insurance. As no maximum fine is stipulated, the fine in theory can be unlimited if the case goes to court.  Fines start at a standard minimum fixed amount of £300 and upwards dependent on the severity and circumstances of your case. It doesn’t give you a criminal record, but it does appear as a record on your driving licence, and you can be issued points on your licence for it too. 

Driving without insurance is rampant

In 2022, West Yorkshire recorded the highest amount of fines for having drivers who are uninsured on the roads. 101,859 fines were issued totalling up to an amount of £31,946,116 with an average fine of £483, showing it can be issued higher than the minimum of £300.  The police have since launched a crackdown on areas that have been recorded by the motor insurance database as having high areas of uninsured drivers. Therefore, the area of West Yorkshire will see an increased police presence as we move into 2023.

driving without car insurance

Key Takeaway 1 :  If you drive without insurance you will be fined upwards of £300, and you will receive a minimum of 6 points on your licence. The police also have the authority to seize and impound the vehicle.

What is the average fine for driving without insurance?

The average fine was £483 for driving without insurance, this amount is based on history of previous fines collated over a one-year period.

Can you avoid points for driving without insurance?

Points can not be avoided if you are stopped driving without the required insurance.  It is normal to expect between six and eight penalty points in addition to a cash penalty. Getting points is the worst result, as having points against your licence will affect you getting car insurance in the future. Insurers frown upon points on a licence, which you have to declare when renewing a policy or taking out a new policy.  Having points on your licence will not stop you from getting insurance, but it will increase your premium will increase as a result. Having points will place you in a higher risk category, and insurance companies will cover the additional risk by charging a higher premium.  If you are in this predicament you should look for car insurance for drivers with points, this specialist insurance providers cater for drivers that have penalty points or endorsements. 

How do police track uninsured drivers?

These cameras are what are in the speed cameras placed around the UK and police also carry them on their car dashboards. They use automatic number plate recognition cameras that can read your number plate and check them against the motor insurance database (MID). 

If a vehicle isn’t listed then the police will assume it is not insured, if it is insured the burden is on the driver to provide proof of insurance. If you have just taken out a new policy, or you have taken out temporary car insurance, it is possible that the database has not been updated to reflect your new policy. It can take up to 48 hours for new policies to show. In these circumstances, it is recommended to print off a copy of your policy and keep it in the glove compartment.

Top Reason why people are caught without insurance

Apart from the people who are intentionally driving without car insurance, the other main reason is that the car insurance has actually expired without being renewed. Sound familiar, to avoid this situation, ask the insurance provider to auto renew.  Failing that, simply enter a reminder on Google Colander a few weeks before the expiry date. This will also give you time to shop around for a better deal or just compare options available.  

Key Takeaway 2 :  Simply forgetting to renew your policy is not an excuse.

The only circumstances where driving without insurance may be defendable is when the insurance provider has cancelled your policy without any knowledge. This is a hard one to argue and prove as most insurers these days automatically renew your cover unless you intervene and stop them, but if you can prove you genuinely believed you were still insured when out on the road then it is taken into consideration with the courts. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully insured, so again this could be argued back in court strongly if your case does go to court.

Car can be Seized and Impounded

If the police stop you whilst driving without insurance, they also have the power and most likely will seize and impound your vehicle. Last thing you want is to be halfway through a journey and have your car seized with no way of getting to your final destination.

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