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Wise Driving Insurance Reviews

By Eamonn Turley
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Jan 2024

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Wise car insurance, also known as WiseDriving, is a policy provider catering to drivers in the UK. It differentiates itself by offering strictly telematics-based insurance, also termed 'black box insurance.' This approach involves installing a small device in your car that tracks driving behaviour. The data collected helps determine insurance premiums based on how you drive rather than generalized risk assessments.

Understanding telematics-based insurance

Telematics, the technology behind WiseDriving, has gained popularity as a tool for insurers to evaluate risks. While it can reward good driving, it may also highlight risky behaviours that could increase premiums. This approach involves using GPS technology to monitor your driving behaviour, allowing insurers to assess risks.

With Wise, a small telematics device is installed in your car to curate a driving score through various metrics. By monitoring driving habits like acceleration, speed, braking, and overall adherence to road rules, WiseDriving aims to collect and analyse this driving data in terms of what type of risk you present. The data collected will influence how insurers view you as a risk, subsequently, your insurance costs.

However, it's important to note that while telematics-based insurance can offer potential savings, individual results may vary. Like any other provider, Wise car insurance assesses various factors when calculating premiums, including vehicle type, location, and more.

Features and offerings

WiseDriving car insurance provides various features that cater to diverse driver needs. Some notable aspects include:

  • Black Box Installation: Upon signing up, a small device is installed in your vehicle to monitor driving behaviour.
  • Personalized Premiums: Your insurance costs are influenced by your driving performance rather than generalised risk factors.
  • Online dashboard: Access to an online dashboard via the telematics app to track your driving data and potentially improve your driving habits.

Other specialised offerings from Wise Driviving

While WiseDriving Car Insurance offers just telematics policies, they provide specialized plans and considerations for first-time drivers and young drivers.

First-time drivers insurance

WiseDriving offers specialized car insurance tailored for first-time drivers. This coverage aims to provide insurance for people without experience on the road. However, Wise Insurance still employs telematics insurance for this cadre. Here are the key points about WiseDriving's first-time driver insurance:

  • No-claims bonus during learning: Even while learning to drive, you can start accruing a no-claims bonus if you haven't made a claim.
  • Tailored pricing: Regardless of age, they offer competitive rates upfront, assuming trust in the customer's driving capabilities
  • Individualized treatment: If you drive better than others, you might earn further reductions in premiums.
  • Stolen vehicle tracking: For thefts, WiseDriving can track your car if you have a black box fitted.

Young drivers insurance

WiseDriving offers a specialized insurance product tailored for young drivers, aiming to provide affordable premiums based on individual driving behaviour rather than solely considering age as a higher risk factor. Here are the key points about their young driver insurance:

  • Individualized pricing: This focuses on driving habits and tracks driving behaviour scores rather than age alone. It also offers competitive premiums, assuming you're a safe driver.
  • Continuous discounts: If your driving remains consistent or improves, you may earn further monthly discounts on your insurance premiums.
  • Driving behaviour monitoring: It uses innovative technology to track driving behaviours.
  • Theft protection: For added security, the black box feature enables tracking in case of vehicle theft, increasing the chances of recovery.

Considerations before opting for wise car insurance

Before diving into Wise car insurance, consider various factors. Are you comfortable with a black box monitoring your driving habits? Are you confident in maintaining safe driving practices consistently? Evaluating these aspects is crucial before committing to any telematics-based insurance policy. Also, note that this does not assure a cheap car insurance.

To make an informed choice:

  • Research: Explore various options and compare car insurance quotes available in the market.
  • Compare: Use a car insurance calculator tools to estimate  premiums and coverage.
  • Review: Scrutinize policy details and customer feedback from forums.
  • Theft protection: For added security, the black box feature enables tracking in case of vehicle theft, increasing the chances of recovery.

Consider these aspects carefully before making your decision.

As you navigate your car insurance journey, evaluating various providers and their offerings remains essential. Take the time to explore and compare different policies, ensuring they align with your requirements. However, determining the most suitable insurance provider is a personalized decision that requires careful consideration of your unique circumstances.

WiseDriving Reviews

From TrustPilot

They score 3.9 out of 5 based on 7,628 reviews on Trustpilot, many praising the ease of use and savings from their good driving.

It pays to be careful and it is so easy to use and i got rewarded for driving wisely. Money back on your insurance when has that ever happened. you will be wise to choose wisedriving

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