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Guide to Wolverhampton Taxi Insurances 

For every taxi driver in Cardiff, we understand your taxicab is your job. Making sure that your taxi insurance is tailored to your needs is essential – as your income depends on it!.

Are you a taxi or private hire driver in Wolverhampton looking for a good deal on your insurance? Why not let the experts help? We have access to a panel of specialist taxi insurance brokers that are able to tailor polices to you or your taxi or private hire business model.

We can provide you with access to a range of quotes from a panel of specialist taxi insurance brokers that are able to tailor polices to you or your taxi or private hire business model and requirements.

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What is the difference between Wolverhampton taxi insurance and standard car insurance?

Taxi insurance and private hire insurance are both different to standard car insurance because the policy is designed to provide additional cover for the additional risk associated with being a taxi or private hire driver, some of these include:

  • Usage: Taxi insurance is designed for vehicles used to transport passengers for hire and reward, which includes public hire (like black cabs) and private hire (like minicabs).
  • Mileage: Taxi drivers accumulate higher mileage than private cars.
  • Public Liability: Taxi drivers have regular contact with the public and are responsible for passengers' safety.
  • Driving condition: Navigating stressful driving situations and heavy traffic.
  • Unsociable Hours: Many taxi journeys occur during unsociable hours, such as late nights and early mornings.
  • Vehicle Types: Different types of taxis require specific insurance coverage.
  • Cost: Taxi insurance tends to be more expensive than standard car insurance due to the increased risks and coverage specific to the taxi industry.

Insurers take these into account and provide coverage that is adequate for the level of risk associated with the job.

All categories of taxi insurance now available

You can obtain quotes for a wide array of cover types, which include:

  • Mini Cab : When you need to compare quotes online quickly for your minicab insurance premium.
  • Public hire insurance also referred to as PCO car insurance is one of the main categories of taxi insurance,
  • Electric Taxi Insurance
  • Chauffeur : Do you provide an exclusive chauffeur service and need chauffeur insurance
  • A growing sector is the private hire taxi sector. Private hire drivers can not be flagged down, but must be prebooked. They have a slightly different risk profile and a range of polices exits including PHV insurance that can be paid monthly. Uber's drivers also fall into the private hire category, and Uber taxi driver insurance is also available.
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance

Levels of taxi insurance available

Similar to car insurance, taxi insurance in Wolverhampton is available at different levels of cover as we have detailed below:

  • Comprehensive is the highest level of cover that is available for a taxi driver, it covers damage to not only third parties, but also damages to your own taxi, your property and yourself.
  • Third party is the minimum cover required by UK law. This cover does not provide any protection for damage to your own vehicle or any injures to oneself resulting from an accident. Needless to say, should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in a major road accident that you are responsible for, you could easily be liable for steep costs.
  • Third party with Fire and Theft  In addition to third party cover is also provided for for and theft.

Taxi Insurance Companies & Private Hire Insurance Providers in Wolverhampton

Most high street insurance agents can provide you with taxi and private hire insurance if you live in Wolverhampton, be sure to also check out the specialists providers in this niche. These include Haven Taxi Insurance, Acorn taxi insurance, Bells, Penk Taxi Insurance Services, Freeways, Westminster, Paton's, Aviva taxi insurance and A-Plan amongst others.

Insurance ProviderOffice AddressTaxi & Taxi Fleet Cover Available?Private Hire Insurance Available?
Insurance 4U Services Limited92 Cannock Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, WV10 8PW
Heritage Insurance Brokers44 Queen Street,
West Midlands,
KGJ INSURANCE SERVICES GROUP LTDThree Charter Court, Broadlands, Wolverhampton WV10 6TD, UK
338 Dudley Rd, Wolverhampton WV2 3JY, UK

Key Names for UK Taxi Insurance 

Many insurance providers offer taxi insurance, some like Patons taxi insurance specialises in only providing taxi and private hire insurance, we have complied a list below of the top names in this insurance sector.

ProviderWorthy of Note Get Free Multiple Quotes
Towergate Taxi InsuranceComfort insurance includes personal effects and belongings and generators (up to £5,000)Compare Now
Haven Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
A 19 Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Motorcade Taxi Insurance
Compare Now
Zego Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Nelson Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Freeway Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Bells Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
markerstudy taxi insuranceCompare Now
DCL/Headway Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Acorn Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
InsureTAXI InsuranceCompare Now
Penk Taxi InsurancePublic liability cover for taxi drivers (included free on some policies)Compare Now
Riviera completely committed to providing a personalised service Compare Now
CabsuranceCabsurance claims app allows you to quickly and efficiently report any claimsCompare Now
Flag Taxi InsuranceFlag only offers Haven Taxi InsuranceCompare Now
Collingwood Taxi InsuranceCompare Now

Tips towards cheaper Taxi Insurance in Wolverhampton

Insurance companies work out the cost of Wolverhampton taxi insurance based on a number of factors. Below we have highlighted some factors and any possible steps to consider to help lower the costs of Wolverhampton taxi driver insurance, but is applicable to all taxi drivers

  • Comparing quotes: is the first step to saving money, start the process by using comparative websites. Please be aware that some brokers may not offer their rates on some of these sites, so it may pay to visit individual broker sites. One of the best ways to really save money is to shop around for quotes and get different quotes, so you can compare them, this may also give you some leverage at policy renewal time. Different companies offer different policy rates, discounts and coverage, so it's better to get multiple quotes.
  • Pay your policy yearly: If you are currently paying monthly, switching to paying your policy annually should bring down the cost of your annual premium.
  • Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Security: If you have fitted any safety / security items from Thatcham, please insure you advise your broker, as this could result in savings on your premium. Consider additional steps, for example provide off-street parking or adding an immobiliser, all these steps will help reduce your risk and final cost. 
  • Consider Fleet Cover: If you have a fleet of cabs as a business, it is generally more cost-effective with less administration task to purchase a taxi fleet insurance cover. Fleet policies will provide protection for all your vehicles under one easy to administer policy.
  • Black Box: Even for taxi drivers, adding or complying with the insurance company telemetric request can help significantly lower the cots of Wolverhampton taxi or private hire insurance( if the data is favourable ) 

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Taxi Insurance FAQ's

Does my taxi insurance cover me for driving other cars?

Taxi insurance provides cover only for the vehicles listed on the policy, not for other vehicles. For other vehicles, you will need to either get them included or take out a separate policy.

Can I pay my taxi insurance monthly?

Most brokers are flexible when it comes to arranging payment terms. However, choosing monthly payments may include extra interest charges.

Is public liability insurance included?

Most taxi policies will include public liability as standard, but exceptions do exist, so check your policy wording. It can always be added or taken out as a separate item.

Is Taxi breakdown cover available as a standalone policy?

Yes, this can be bought as a separate policy or bundled into your taxi insurance policy.

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