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Compare van insurance for young drivers

In the UK and Northern Ireland, young drivers that are new to the road can without a doubt expect to pay high insurance premiums for anything from third party to comprehensive. Getting cheap van insurance for young drivers is not easy, but we can help you by comparing multi brokers that specialise in providing the cheapest young driver van insurance in the UK. 

The insurance provider will calculate the premium based on how likely it is that an individual will make a claim. Statistics will show that young drivers between the ages of 18-25 are far more likely to be involved in an accident than other age groups. Simply put, claims cost insurance companies money. The more risk that you pose, the higher the premium will be.

For a young driver,  van insurance at times can be painfully expensive. This is fact, whether it is basic passenger car cover, or young driver van Insurance. That being said, there are some things that drivers under 25 can do to obtain cheaper young driver van insurance.

Steps to The Cheapest Young Driver Van Insurance

  • Adding additional named drivers

Perhaps, another individual who has not only more experience, but a good driving record will be driving your van. Consider adding them as a named driver on your policy. Sometimes, adding another driver that is considered to be a lower risk can benefit you by lowering your premium. It is a good idea to compare different named drivers, and understand what difference they will make on your young driver van Insurance policy. At times, adding a third driver can reduce your premium even further. Keep in mind that any named drivers that you may add, must genially drive your van. There are severe penalties for fraud.

  • Reduce your risk

Focus your attention on security. Increase the security of your van, as well as lower its chances of being stolen by installing an alarm or immobiliser.

  • Park your van in a safe place

Give consideration to where you park your van at night. This in itself can make a big difference in your premium here in Northern Ireland. Parking on the street is considered higher risk than using a private drive or garage.

  • Drive less miles

If possible, reduce your annual mileage. Remember, from an insurance provider point of view, less miles means less chance of an accident.

  • Consider a higher excess

Take a close look at the voluntary excess amount. This is the amount you contribute to any claim. Should you increase the voluntary excess on your young driver van insurance policy, you very well might be able to lower your premium. It is imperative that you weigh-out the pros and cons of doing this. Be sure that you can comfortably afford to pay this excess amount in the event of you needing to make a claim.

  • Take your Time

You can almost always save money on your Young Drivers Van Insurance here in Northern Ireland by taking the time to shop around. Make it a point to not just pounce on the cheapest Young Driver Van insurance quote you find in Northern Ireland. Give thought to any additional cover that may be needed. A courtesy van, along with breakdown and tools in transit cover, are often well worth the additional premium. The latter can be especially useful should you carry expensive equipment in your van, as it can at times be a target for theft.

Compare young driver van insurance

Finding the best young driver van insurance is difficult, and the best deal for one driver may not be the best for the next driver. Every driver has differing requirements, one solution is to get multiple quotes from a range of brokers that specialise in young driver van insurance. This will give you a starting point to compare the deals available. Multiple Quote Time are able to do just that. To get multiple quotes, please select the quote button below.

Compare young driver van insurance

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