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Zego Insurance Making life Easier for Gig Workers

Zego Insurance making life easier for Gig Workers

For real change to occur it requires people that know what needs to be changed and then put their plan into action. This is what the founders Sten Saar and Harry Franks of Zego did while working for the food delivery insurance business Deliveroo. The idea was to make it easier for gig workers to get commercial vehicle insurance inexpensively so they could make deliveries and still make a profit.

Zego Insurance disruptes traditional delivey insurance

Before Zego the only path to being legal on the road for delivery drivers in the gig economy was to have commercial courier vehicle insurance full time. That had to be in place before a driver could even apply for a job of delivery food. For those looking to do this as a part time job, the costs, which could reach beyond £1,000 annually before they would even know if they could get a job. That type of investment was a risk since they did not have a revenue stream yet to pay for it.

The new Zego insurance path for commercial insurance

With Zego insurance there is an app you install on your phone. With this app, you activate the commercial courier insurance when you are actually in the act of making a delivery. Once the delivery is made you click on the app and turn off the commercial insurance. This allows your vehicle to only have the standard type of coverage without the high cost of the commercial add-on. This type of cover is available to both the individual driver and fleet owners. It can be viewed as pay as you go insurance model for delivery drivers.

How does Zego insurance work?

With Zego insurance you have to sign up for the coverage, then download the app. This app works on the same principle as an oyster card for public transportation in the UK. By placing a balance on the app, you can then use it with the insurance coverage being deducted when you are actually making a delivery. This balance can be as low as £25 to get you started.

The only time you are paying to the Zego cover is when the app is on. The amount of the cover is automatically deducted from your balance with the app.

Is Zego the only insurance I need to make deliveries?

What must be understood is that Zego commercial courier insurance is an add-on to a standard social, domestic and pleasure policy required by UK law. At a minimum that cover is Third Party only. You can also have Third Party Fire and Theft or Comprehensive. You must have one of those three so the Zego add-on can be attached to it.

Can I drive my vehicle when not making a delivery?

Yes, with the app being off, your vehicle insurance is just like it was before you became a delivery driver. Because the app is off, your vehicle can be used how you see fit in social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

Can I cancel my Zego insurance when I want too?

Yes, the Zego cover is available for those that want to make additional money by making deliveries in the new gig economy. For those that no longer want to or need this extra source of revenue, Zego cover can be cancelled with an email. The balance in the account at the time of cancellation will then be refunded.

Zego insurance has helped to transform the insurance industry to meet the needs of modern times. This pay as you go insurance has made it possible for anyone with a clean driving record to earn some extra cash to help make ends meet without taking away all the profits due to the older style of insurance and its high price.

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