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Guide to Zurich Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is more than just home insurance! Read this article and find out the difference between the two. Find out what is included in landlord insurance, how much the landlord insurance costs, and why Zurich Landlord Insurance is one of the top companies all over the world. 

Zurich Insurance is a Swiss company with its headquarters based in Zurich, Switzerland. It has clients and customers in over 170 countries across the world. Zurich Insurance in the UK is part of the Swiss company with 11,000 employees. It provides landlord insurance coverage and advice to clients who rent their houses to a tenant. 

Zurich is one of the big names within the insurance industry, but also check deals with less well known providers that include Just Landlord Insurance, Simply Landlord Insurance, John Lewis, Tesco and Sainsbury's   

Zurich Landlord Insurance

Zurich Insurance not only provides protection in case of malicious damage, but it also offers insurance policies that can cover rebuild cost, loss of rental income, and property owner's liability cover. Here are all the aspects covered by Zurich Insurance:

  • Buildings Insurance: Zurich insurance policies provide cover to the exterior of your house. Insure the property building and save money in case of a fire or any other damage caused to any other part.
  • Loss of Rent or Business: Insurers can make a claim for the loss of rent or business due to accidental damage to their property.
  • Optional Cover: Apart from providing the necessary covers, Zurich Insurance also offers landlord policies with optional covers, for example, tenant's belongings, injury caused by accidental damage, rent guarantee cover, etc.

Difference Between Landlord Insurance and Home Insurance

Landlord Insurance and home insurance are both referred to as homeowners insurance. Both of these are put in place to protect the property and property owners. There are various factors which are considered, including employer's liability insurance as well as tenant's employment status. However, there are certain fundamental differences between the two, as highlighted below.

  • Landlords insurance is different to home insurance as it is applied on a rental property that the owner does not occupy. Landlords who rent their houses need landlord insurance rather than home insurance. It provides accidental damage cover for building and property assets. Most landlords tend to include insurance matters in the Tenancy agreement.
  • As a landlord, you may not be able to make any claims if your rented properties have home insurance and not landlord insurance. You are legally required to have landlord insurance before renting out your properties.

Remember Subsidence cover

Home and landlord insurance polices do not include subsidence insurance, if the property is in an area of risk speak with your provider on including building subsidence insurance. It will cost additional, but will provide the necessary cover should damage occur resulting from subsidence.

How Much Does Landlord Insurance Cost You?

The cost of Landlord insurance cover depends on the policy you choose. You need to consider the property building and the contents. If you are looking for a building-only cover, you may be paying roughly 170 pounds per year.

Make yourself aware of the insurance market, seek advice through Zurich Insurance and choose the right landlord insurance policy.  If you want to know compare the cost of landlord insurance, click here to receive quotes from a panel of insurance providers that can provide quotes tailored to your exact requirements.

Zeurich Insurance Contact Details

Address : 7th floor
St.Vincent Plaza
311-319 St.Vincent Street
G2 5LP 

Phone : 0800 096 6233

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